Psychology: Priming

Psychology: Priming

by Isabella Zou


May 1, 2014 / 15 Comments / by / in
  • Good job! I like the idea of stop motion sequences.

  • Great info, thanks.

  • this is really good, but try not to add little anecdotes that aren't scientific studies, as it can becoming confusing and I really don't want to be primed to write about some guy closing a refrigerator door at door in my exam tomorrow!

  • This is an awesome presentation, Isabella. Great job!

  • You can also use priming on yourself by placing objects of specific symbolism around you to achieve a certain mental state or encourage a behaviour.

  • It would of been a lot easier to follow without the distracting music in the background.

  • I thought timbre….. Maybe the music primed me? Even though the music wasn't to my taste.

  • gr8 vid! …can barely hear over all that talk though =0(

  • Aw yeah All Things Bright and Beautiful

  • Boring chinese narrator.

  • please turn off the music…

  • This kind of videos should NOT have music… and please talk with a little bit more enery

  • I would like to thank you for taking the time to make this video, it really helped me to explain my abstract section in my research paper, thank you Ms. Zou.

  • good vid

  • Great video but you should have started with a definition of priming. 🙂

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