Psychology of Sarcasm – with JP Sears

Psychology of Sarcasm – with JP Sears

Sarcasm Psychology
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Psychology of Sarcasm – with JP Sears
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Why are people sarcastic? Understand how the psychology behind sarcasm comes from a place of pain. Sarcastic comments are misdirected expressions in place of being vulnerable with the hurt inside. Understand how to dive deeper into your heart when dealing with sarcasm, either from yourself or other people. I also explain the light side of sarcasm.


February 24, 2015 / 31 Comments / by / in
  • So are you projecting your pain onto others through your sarcasm videos?

  • I was just wondering what it would be like if you did a serious video and this fell in my lap. Thank you for taking as objective of a stance as humanly possible on so many issues, and exploring them in a light, entertaining way! Keep on rocking!

  • JP i have much more faith in you than this. I think you have become an psychology fukboi. I mean, "projecting your faults onto others in order to cause them your own pain", well dude, i would expect from you to mock about psychology something about "you should visit your psychotherapist in order to blame yourself about all those bad things around you and shame yourself as the source of all the evil in the world you perceive around yourself in order to confuse yourself into feeling like you are living in the paradise where no bad things are happening at all. Its just all your fault". I mean, mock that fu**ing new age psycho-drama thing?? Is it doable without loosing your soul? You can still take responsibility in what you do yourself. And you can still project good things about the world around you and explain others in order to make you feel better about the world you live in, right?
    Im just so enemy with psychology right now.

  • I just want you to marry me, cause we have the exact same mindset. This is a proposal, a very serious one! I do the exclamation mark so that I can be taken seriously 😉

  • I wish I could like this 10 times! I thought I was going to get another comical video and it really hit deep. I'm new to your channel, JP, but I'm grateful for it on many levels. Keep on keepin' on, man.🙂

  • This man should be a teacher in all schools!

  • The bastard almost had me!

  • hes so funny , are you a liberal ?

  • Cool, I've already started trying not to be such a sarcastic bastard. Although, I was mostly shooting for humor.
    Seriously, I really enjoy your videos.

  • How can you cause good by causing harm? I hear his pain, I don't want his pain, I have my own pain to deal with let alone others, let's help each other, not tear each other open further still…

  • I use sarcasm as a defense mechanism. I'm not being sarcastic.

  • No I really don't know, whether JP is sarcastic here or not…

  • Here's food for thought … another way to make 'helpful sarcasm' (if that's even possible) digestible is the constructive use of tongue-in-cheek. That's lightly making fun of one or another's flaws or faux pas, is it not?

  • I think there are many snobby kind of social circles of people where being sarcastic and cynical is the cool thing, and they reject awkward honest "boring" ones… they sarcastic use to be the funnier, cooler, more atractive to girls… and honest moments use to disrupt that dynamic so much… there is a lot to say about this stuff, sarcasm is getting worrying big lately…

  • Scarcasm

  • Hurt People hurt People 😁

  • Well sometimes i use sarcasm as humor or as a way to show a point bluntly or to see if i can get someone to understand the point from another angle like the golden rule "so onto others as you would have them do on to you" is not as powerful as the reverse "do not do on to others as you would not have them do onto you"

  • F*#@ off man! It's my day off and my plans to clean have just been postponed after discovering your channel! 5 videos and nearly an hour later, I'm not even half way thru viewing all the videos I've mentally marked priority. F you and thank you so much!

  • I've heard much criticism directed at your content and I'm here to say you speak truth in a way that us garden variety Joe blows can absorb… even if you are a scammer or general bullshitter…. rock on!👽💭

  • I can't take this video seriously omfg

  • This video is Really bad – Sarcasm

  • I ignore most of your videos when they pop up in my feed, but searched for help healing my trauma from cruelty, including excess sarcasm. Sounds like you were being serious here, but I can't really tell. i've seen so many of your sarcastic videos and they totally put me off. Oh well.

  • it's essential that this is systematically debunked:etymology and peculiar unreasonable ways for an indescribable application.

  • But sarcasm can also be used to make people laugh

  • It's just a tool if you use it to be nasty well then you are

  • Not all sarcasm is hurtful. In my particular family sarcasm is like a welcoming to the group. We are serious to people we don't know or are cautious of and do light, playful sarcasm when we're close to each other. We don't do it to hurt each other and we certainly don't say it to insult someone. Sometimes our sarcasm can come from pain, but we don't direct it at each other.

  • Sarcasm is a higher form of humour that only a few can impart without hurting anyones feelings. It takes a talent in humour to do so. Thus said I believe you got the talent. It taps into ones reservations and shows that you can still be reverent in their connection to spirituality. Yet I think that if a person is offended it is up to that person to practise more self love meditations.

  • iS sarcasm also a dry sense of humor ?

  • Freaking​ self- important, dominating bastard.

  • Binge watching

  • Smart asses on my dad's side sarcasm on my mom's side make me SMARTASSTIC. The best of both world's. But never to hurt anyone, unless they hurt me first because hurt people hurt people you know

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