Psychology of Music

Psychology of Music

Music psychology, or the psychology of music, may be regarded as a branch of both psychology and musicology. It aims to explain and understand musical behavior and experience, including the processes through which music is perceived, created, responded to, and incorporated into everyday life. In this video, we talk about how music affects the psychology of our emotions and mood.

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“Black Vortex” Kevin MacLeod (
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“Come Play with Me” Kevin MacLeod (
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“Disquiet” Kevin MacLeod (
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“Take a Chance” Kevin MacLeod (
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“Somewhere Sunny (ver 2)” Kevin MacLeod (
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“Hall of the Mountain King” Kevin MacLeod (
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“Waltz (Tschikovsky Op. 40)” Kevin MacLeod (
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Sonatina in C Minor


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  • I like folkmetal a lot, but also classical at times… It depends on my mood. Sometimes I just want to relax with a bit of Vivaldi or dutch baroque music, and sometimes I want to feel the power rush of metal or heavy drums and bagpipes. I grew up with music like Scorpions, Skid Row, Van Halen, Cinderella and such…

  • I like Rock and metal
    And sometimes rap
    Because I heard these genres since i'm little because of my moms' great music taste

  • |-/ stay alive my frens

  • In regards to music, I don't have a set thing I listen to, as my iPod has a variety of songs by various artists and genres. I like my pop music, but I also like classical and music of other countries. Video game music as well (especially re-orchestrated by the original creator and even reimaginings by fans) and even the multi-genre covering Vocaloid. A good example of the variety are is my playlist that I made since I was 14. While embarrassing from a nostalgia cringe standpoint, i would say it has a good bout of variety. From techno to pop, to even classical and country. I just kinda look and am like "oooo I wanna listen to this". So I would flip between genres fairly frequently.
    However, the mood when driving is generally pretty consistent, having it be up-beat unless I wanna take it slow or even have a change of pace.
    Interesting video though

  • I listen to a lot of alternative music, rock, screamo, and generally "emo" music. I think it affects my mood because of the message, and just the sound in general. My favourite band is twenty øne pilots, so i listen to them a lot. Their music was really confusing to me at one point. The sound was really upbeat in some songs after a while, but the messages were super deep. And then… well, then there's TB Saga, which makes everything funny to me. But then, I'm A Goner comes on and all of a sudden I have TEARS DOWN MY FACE okay bye

  • Generally speaking, I like almost any kind of music except rap and country.

  • I really hate this pop shit played today
    there are very few artists who still continue to make good music

    personaly, I like alternative/indie/pop rock
    but not tøp
    tøp is just annoying

  • I love classical music

  • I enjoy a wide variety of music, from polka to electronica to folk metal to electroswing. And many more in between. I also play flute in band.

  • I like any type of music genre. Nothing specific. Idk music is everything to me.

  • I like rap music. It's the only style that I've really connected with

  • where are my electro friendos?? specifically, deadmau5 and porter robinson!!

  • Techno, rock, grunge, metal, dubstep, and whatever gene Vocaloids are placed in, and also electro, and rap.

  • at 1:40 I though you were drawing the nose of king Crimson.

  • I was having the question
    is what we listen to is an effect of our mood
    or our mood is effected by what we listen to?
    I'm trying to figure out how do we choose genres
    any ideas ?

  • Most of the time I listen to Wise Guys, Rammstein (two german bands you probably never heard of) and Vocaloid. I like almost every type of music except most of the "modern" music. I hate it when every song just sounds the same.
    But I love piano music. I'd like to learn it but I'm not allowed to..

  • I am blessed to have a musical family. From my parents and sibling to both sides of cousins aunts and uncles to grandparents and even now the newest gen will get the joy if growing up in a musical family.

  • I'll listen to anything if I connect with it. If I don't understand the lyrics, or don't like the message being put across, I will hate a song just like that. The background music also helps, if it matches the lyrics or if it has nothing to do with them could make or break the song. Music is very important to me, I do Choir in school, and next month I'm scheduled to start piano lessons. After that I want to learn the drums. They're really interesting to me, even if they are complicated to learn! I want to be a musician when I'm older, so I hope that by playing instruments it could help me reach that goal!

  • I like kpop because with kpop artists all have different sounds and evoke many feeling. Mostly feelings of happiness but then there are songs like Error bt vixx that have a very dramatic feel.

  • I listen to a variety of music, but all have deep poetic lyrics or hidden messages. I'm not sure what this means, could you help?

  • RockMetal doesn't make aggressive. listening to the music you dislike does that. Whenever someone turns on the radio, my mood is stomped to the ground. I HATE pop music.

  • I try to stay as open as I can to different music genres but I love anything classical, theater & a few pop songs from a few years back

  • I listen to vocaloid music. One of my favorite songs is 'Common World Domination' by Pinnochio-P.

  • I enjoy 60's, 70's and 80's rock and roll, because my mom and my grandparents played it a lot and I guess I just picked it up

  • The music changed 11 times

  • Change – MYAH……you'll know buy her album controlled chaos out now on iTunes and Spotify 😂

  • I don't enjoy listening to music unless I'm concentrating on it, not just for background: thus, I like visuals to go along, and that makes a big impact on what I like. If I do want some music playing in the background, I prefer what people tend to call "elevator music".

    When it comes to the 'feel' of music, I prefer smooth ambient/echo sounds. I tend to prefer slower music, but occasionally want something fast/upbeat. It doesn't necessarily depends on my mood, but on my ears/brain; depending on the day, certain types of sound are like nails on a chalk board, causing instant physical pain in the ears &/or head, even if I couldn't stop listening to it the day before. It also depends on my attention span – if it's low, I need a faster pace, while a slower pace causes me to space out, and if it's high, I need a slower pace, while a faster pace overwhelms me; medium calls for something in-between, which is where my attention span rests on average.

    For me to thoroughly love a song, I need to at-least not hate the story &/or meaning/message in the lyrics. I do prefer music with lyrics more than without, because again, I prefer music when I'm focused on only the music, which occurs with a high attention span.
    I prefer songs about anything but relationship love; specifically with spiritual/existential/horror/etc. themes. This tends to result in me preferring to interpret songs incorrectly; or more specifically, taking metaphors as literal.

    I love visuals of my favorite aesthetics, representation of told story/clarifying meaning (if choosing to interpret correctly), dancing/movement to sound (+ meaning, welcomed), or fandom clips.

    …Just had a fun thought. Was going to share some song examples, but if anyone's read this thus far, …want to make some guesses?! 😀

  • I like classical and classic rock because I grew up with my parents playing classic rock and being in the choir we sing classical music all the time especially different language which partly the reason why I love singing in different language.

  • I like kpop. Before that I only listened to the piano, I can't imagine that now😫

  • Really anything but death metal or the hip hop/ rap they are making now

  • I Love most types of music and it truly depends on my mood of what i feel like listening to and why=)

  • speedcore is my favourite genre…
    particularly the melodic tracks.

  • I have a wide variation of music choices. I like songs with a good beat, so some of the new Pop songs (keep in mind not all of them), and I also really like classical. I adore songs with meanings, such as songs by bands like Twenty Øne Piløts or Panic! At The Disco or Fall Out Boy, so I kind of like 'emo' music. I like piano and guitar music (it doesn't matter what song, I just like the sound of the instruments) as well as some country songs like Take Me Home, Country Roads, and K-Pop and Japanese-style anime music. I like video game music too 🙂

  • Appling to persuasion?

  • I like classical music.
    I am in a band which plays classical music a lot sooo…

  • <— i like this music peace, love, and +'y

  • Actually, listening to aggressive music usually makes me feel less hostile.

  • I listen to a variety of music such as Casual (Music with Calm beat and Calm melody, for example "GF Beats – Business Casual), Rap, Rock, Video game OST's (Original Sound Track), etc. But I like Dubstep the most. Yes Ik Im such a nerd right? But keep in mind that Dubstep is a genre of music, that has genres of music with in it. For example, there is: Dubstep, Chillstep, Drum & Bass, Electro, EDM, Techno, House, etc. And also there are many different tones of the music that can change your mood, for example, Chillstep has a relaxing vibe to it.
    EDM & Techno may have an adrenaline pumping sensation.
    And Electro & House may have an enlightening tone to it. Point is, Dubstep is not just a bunch of electronic sounds put together, its a form of expressing mood changing tones.
    Hell, Im listening to some Dubstep RIGHT NOW!

  • I love, especially Beethoven's seventh symphony.

  • Classical. It is the most emotional and it can be used in many different moments such as while reading, learning, sleeping, driving, or just sit back, relax and listen. It also has been proven that music composed by different composers can be used for different purpose. For example Bach's music is helps to reduce stress, Chopen and Bethoven's to reduse sadness, and Mozart to improve concentration. (these examples may not all be true, but you understand the point).

  • in the hall of the mountain king- Edvard greig is my favourite piece of music

  • I listen to TONS of twenty øne piløts and they calm me down when I'm having anxiety

  • Film makers also use low frequency infra sound to cause a fight or flight response in the viewer's

  • I'm pretty everywhere with my taste of music. Typically I'll me more monkey see, monkey do :p

  • I love Kpop and vocaloid, they think I am weird.
    I can't be me no more

  • I love pop mudics but except of K pop.. they arent my suit at all.

  • I like atleast one song in all genres i can think of right now. But in the end i think i like reggae the most because its about spreating love, peace and how to life a meanful life.

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