Psychology of K-POP Webseries Episode #5: EVA (

Psychology of K-POP Webseries Episode #5: EVA (

Eva contacted me to set up an interview. She’s setting up her K-pop merch/ album webshop HeyHallyu, which you can check out here:

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Official Website:

Watch last Friday’s full show here:



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  • I can totally relate😂 Not listening to pop at all because i don't especially like it and because it's too mainstream, but suddenly falling deeeeep into… kpop. Aka the most mainstream type of music x)
    But yes the fact that it isn't known in this part of the world (or at least wasn't 2-3 years ago, now more and more people know about kpop) do play a big role

  • Damn man. Really putting in alot of effort by going to alot of places. Rotterdam, Arnhem, Amsterdan and Amstelveen (If i'm not mistaken xD). Just wanna drop a positive comment to keep this goin. (Don't even know why me is still talking English, but I like it 😂).

  • I am LOVING these series! Poor you though, this episode seemed so awkward. :') But she's great for wanting to start a webshop, bless her soul! Oh, if you are ever looking for people, feel free to hit me up! I got a lot to tell!

  • Lmao I'm still lowkey hiding it #struggles

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