Psychology of K-POP Webseries Episode #3: MARCUS

Psychology of K-POP Webseries Episode #3: MARCUS

In today’s episode we meet Marcus in my car, of all places. The rain outside perfectly added to the somber mood the conversation would head for later in the video…

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  • Ik kan met zoveel dingen relateren in deze video tis zo cool om mensen hun eigen perspectief en meningen en verhalen te zien en leuk om te zien hoe sommige mensen kunnen relateren tis super interesant 😇geweldige video keep it up❤️ tis een super leuke serie

  • ♥♥♥~

  • Super leuke videos, ook echt interessant, ~
    C;' Mundane! Shadowhunters?!

  • Marcus hit me up bro ..i am soo extra ..😂😂😂 i need too be chill like u..😂😂

  • What an amazing series. Love seeing all the different people from different places. I live in Rotterdam so I have seen quite alot at Strictly (guy with the tired legs xD) and its just nice to see how everyone can enjoy it. And as said in the video, there is no 'right' age for K-pop. If you enjoy it thats amazing. Keep up the good work!

  • I relate to Marcus the most so far. But everything you said on the last part was all true.
    I barely talk to people who I don't share the same interest with. I behave differently with different people too. I think that I can only be my real self when I'm with my close friends. 😀

  • Marcus likes marvel, disney, singing, karaoke, dancing, editing videos, making covers, he likes making up stories in his head, he's super creative, he actually likes partying when he's with the right people, very shy, very cute and a really good friend, you're more than just Kpop babe <3

  • I can relate so much. When a lot of people talk with me, I mostly talk about kpop, because my best friends are all kpop fans except for one. We like to talk about our biases, our opinion about groups we just discovered and our fav scene from the ongoing kdrama. If I should talk with 'other' people, I think kpop would still be mentioned if we have a convo like 'whats going on these days' etc. because kpop is kinda a part of my daily life :))

  • I feel like you reacted to what he said to put him in the case of "The guy who don't talk about anything else", when all i understanded was that he was shy, didn't like to meet new people and had a smaller group of friends – which likes kpop too.

    I mean, you're interviewing him about kpop so he talked about a kpop subject as conclusion.
    And you asked him what he was doing when he was home by himself? Watching movies or youtubes videos is a pretty common thing to do when you're alone at home.

    I don't know, maybe I just got this the wrong way, but I really can relate to a lot of the things he sais about himself, and i got a bit offended by your comments.

  • I have the same experience wit alcohol in Korea… You just automatically drink more… no choice there haha XD
    Actually I also never told my Korean fans that I'm a KPOP fan since it is more of a teenager thing. So I always list my fav. K-RnB and k-Hip hop artist then they are curious how I got into that.^^ But now they know that because they are following my instagram… Fortunately they had no problems with that.

  • 10:30 is my favorite part of the video <3

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