Psychology Of Horses & Humans To Better Understand Your Horse – Learned Helplessness

Psychology Of Horses & Humans To Better Understand Your Horse – Learned Helplessness

So many factors in play when training or working with horses that most never see. Here I discuss some problems with humans and horses and attempt to show how easy it is for misunderstandings to impact training of horses.


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  • Hey Rick this poor girl you mentiond her she's called RaleighLink14 who pours her heart out about how she can't take the negativity anymore it's so sad but I would like you to watch it you don't have too but she is explaining about the negativity in the equine world thanks for reading.

  • I love your videos.
    My wife has had horses from childhood; I have never been around horses, only dogs. Now we have four horses and I am trying to figure out horse behavior. (NOT the same as dogs) I feel they see I don't know crap and they do take advantage of me sometimes probably cause I am an animal lover probably too lenient. But I would rather be too easy until I know the correct way of doing things.
    I told my wife that her new mare will purposely move in front of me and stop directly in front of me blocking my way when we are both walking together in a pasture. She thinks I am delusional and said I'm probably misunderstanding her. Today she did it three different times within 30 minutes! My gut feeling is the mare is purposely blocking my way because she is trying to be more dominant than me. It happened three times today and all three times I just walked around her. Now I am thinking this is probably wrong and I should have just kept moving forward and slowly pushing her out of my way.

    If my Doberman was doing this I would simply continue to move forward and I know my dog would move. It just is a little different with a 1,200 lb horse. They are soooo much bigger than me! I am a big guy but they do overwhelm me because they could crush me like a bug! Thanks, 57 year old Horse Newbie!

  • Hi Rick! u mention in your videos few times about cars, if u own one u should know cert

  • #askRick

    I saw an ad right before this video for a new product called Booma Rein and it is supposed to keep the reins from going over the horse's head and close to the saddle while giving the horse free head and the ability to graze if the horse so chooses. I'm wondering what you think about this idea and if it would be a good product to have

  • Horses pushed to the extreme and get revenge against stupid humans. Do a video on that one Rick it has so good video

  • Awesome Video!

  • Hi, Rick. Im sorry for spelling mistakes if I make them. Croatian is my native language. I have psihology classes in my law highschool and I was wondering if I can use your video for my presentation on studying. Im gonna get 1 or F in grading sistem you know cause psyhologist is so strict. No one got more than C. I was thinking of using your video as a help to explaing classical conditioning. Most people in my class have medium to low English knowlage so I would translate you to Croatian. I dont whant to use your video in my class if you dont whant to so Im asking you if I can.

  • I'm really surprised but the picture you showed, I actually guessed he won the lottery! Idk but there's just a hint of happiness in his face, eyebrows maybe? There's a psychology course at my school but the teacher is some liberal-ass witch so I'm not taking it, she's constantly bitching about Trump and comparing him to Hitler with noting but emotion and idiocy…

  • I’m very proud to see that there are no hate comments, inappropriate, or false facts in any of the comments. It’s really nice to see no hate comments.

  • The one dislike on this video was from the horse tied to the chair at the beginning

  • Best way to end my day with my three horsey faves 😀 Awww another great video – thanks mean ole dad – LOVE the pic of the boys at the end – dear wise ole Mr T is just too darn handsome for words and as for Hollywood could really see him prancing on the red carpet lol…Buddy. ..Mr T….Dad…you are THE BEST 💙 💙 💙

  • Great video Rick!👊

  • Wonderful video thank you

  • Wonderful video thank you rick

  • Intesting, I love just listening to you

  • Saw the young lady first then the ol

  • I used to volunteer at a horse therapy center for kids who are special needs they had a horse they would tie up in a certain way so that when it pulled cause it was scarred he could run off I never felt safe with that because they said it happened alot and that horse would end up trying to lay down with children on his back I left that place because I didn't want to deal with that

  • thanks

  • Your videos are always so interesting!!.

  • This is a good video. You've clearly presented what you want the listener to understand and why. You've also presented an actionable goal. Thank you.

  • I don't think I'll ever be able to give up my pink halter, but I have to say your videos have helped me. Thank you for taking the time to make these videos.

  • Dogs, children, horses — all need consistency. I think few people are mentally stable enough to be consistent with them.

  • Very informative video! Thanks, Rick!

  • "Use your brain for more than a damn helmet holder." LMAO!

  • That picture of the dude and his wife, where one should guess the expression. I saw joy from the very first second. BUT when you said that he wasn't happy, I was like. I must be wrong… You had no base for your argument, I just took it to heart. This kinda gave me a clue… I'll wake up now! 😉

  • You say horses don't talk, what about Mr. Ed?

  • I used to volunteer at an equine therapy place for special needs children, but I stopped because I saw so much of what I now understand is learned helplessness in their horses (the bad kind). Since the horses learned to ignore so much because of all the inconsistent cues from their special needs riders and handlers alike, the ignorant owners resorted to stud chains, big bits, etc. just to get them to move. Poor horses had such a dulled and tired look in their eyes 🙁

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