“The way to get started is to quit talking and BEGIN DOING.” – Walt Disney
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Tony Robbins
Robin Sharma
Michael Phelps
Jocko Willink
Joe Rogan
Warren Buffet
Steven Chu
Will Smith

Music by Alex Doan

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  • be a 1 not a 0

  • This video seriously changed my life.

    Watched this video everyday in the my first semester of college and obtained a 4.0…

  • Michael Phelps stated, "Never give up!" I'd add, "Don't ever give up!"

  • Is their hope for 52year old passed over school teacher (elementary school)?

  • This is one of the emotional and motivational video ever.after watching this we easily get connected to it.In life many people get disappointed as they come across failures.Many get depressed and finally commits should build up self confidence to achieve something in life.Life is precious.we are lucky that god put us here to achieve something and inspire mankind.once we start thinking and put some effort we can get success one day in life.Not all the achievers had become famous in an overnight,they might had undergone many struggles in life and became inspiration to many.and we the younger generation has to be inspired by them.

  • The video explains about how to get motivated by practising various methods and become successful. The important factors of becoming successful mentioned in the video are 1. Self Discipline which says that discipline eventually gets you done everything and you become successful. 2. Do not tolerate things which you feel are wrong. 3. Set goals. 4, Commitment. 5. Change your should to must.

  • Ayyyyy those scenes from limitless

  • wohhhhhhhh..its damn inspiring😍

  • Thank you! It is amazing of you guys to create such videos that inspire people and make them want to make the most out of their life. Truly appreciate it

  • I love your youtoube account. I follow eveytime but please add Turkish subtitle…

  • Great!!

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  • what a pile of crap

  • hey can you please specify the song used in this video??

  • thank you , but what is a film at 4:28 ?

  • I want to suck-seed.

  • wish me luck
    trying to open my own club


  • Giving motivation on snap guys — add : fefeballu

  • From what film is scene at 4:56? The guy with guitar? 🙂

  • What is that movie of the ambidestrous on the board drawing DaVinci and solving notes?

  • Mofos Standards are Honda Civics thats why they have nothing of Value

    U have to have a Criteria in Life and a Good criteria

    I have never Settled for less and don't mess with females that act or have any traits of a Man=smoking drinking tats etc

  • This really motivated me thank u . I'm gonna subscribe to ur pg. an I was wondering if u could like a subscribe to my pg so I can pick my views up.. me an a homeboy startN up a comedy pg called Midas well get payed. Thanks again

  • Hi Be Inspired. Thank you for the amazing inspiration. Please check out Hit The Ground

  • secret society is every where and you are one of them

  • your vidoes are mind blOwing but plx keep the BGM relatively low.

  • I love this… "The road to success is through commitment"

  • really amazing video help me a lot

  • Love the inspiration! Thanks for sharing!

  • Absolutely PHENOMENAL! Keep up the great work!

  • gr8 job

  • I

  • Thanks to you, i found the motivation to get off my bed and brush my teeth. Thank you

  • "If you are persistent , you will get it. If you are consistent.. you will keep it." It is all about self discipline.

  • LH

    Thx good video sub for you :))

  • Motivational Mondays are ass

  • I luv philps from India

  • Very motivated thank you for changing our life

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