Psychology of fish – bowl inside tank experiment -part 1[ Part 2 ]

Psychology of fish – bowl inside tank experiment -part 1[ Part 2 ]

See Fish Part 2 NOW –
Also Crazy Running-Jumping Cat with head Stuck In Can-

What “fish bowl’s” are you in now or have you been in before- thinking you couldn’t leave?

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July 23, 2015 / 26 Comments / by / in
  • Fish "I was too long in there man … can´t get out … there is nothing outside these glass walls for me … i´m so used to this it´s my live now"

  • I don't think there is a "thinking process" going on with them

  • Maybe they're just contrarians.

  • Shows they are smarter not dumber than PEOPLE THINK

  • Wait so you kept those three fish in that bowl??

  • Religion

  • lol them fish got punk'd!

  • I like how the turtle goes up to them like "hey what's going on guys? Just swim out the top..JUST SWIM OUT THE T- oh god damn it nevermind."

  • Man fish are dumb (some at least)

  • I don't know if they're dumb, perse, but they're obviously not able to sense that there's water above them. Maybe they maintaining buoyancy to stop from floating to the top and aren't able to readjust once placed back in the aquarium.

  • I love how the turtle comes in like "what are you idiots doing?"

  • or they see that massive turtle that can eat them and they are smart enough to stay where they are.

  • Just like humans

  • The turtle needs a bigger aquarium


  • People will still say Aquarium too small goldfish must have 70000 gallons per scale

  • Maybe they don't want to leave because there is a giant ass turtle that wants to eat them?

  • Looks like three leftists

  • Why dont you want kids? Excuse me?

  • Really neat to see, just wanted to say that your red-eared is gunna need a bigger tank/pond eventually, if not now. I've got a 75 gallon and I feel awful that I can't afford to build her and the painter a pond just yet. They get to be a foot in diameter. I believe the rule of thumb is 10 gallons for every inch of shell. So that's 120 gallons, hence why I'm just going to make an indoor pond. You can also make an outdoor one but personally I don't want my turtles to hibernate all winter, I'd miss them too much :'( They both deserve a pond, I personally rescued them. One was in neglectful home and 10 gal tank, other was a baby that got picked by bird and dropped in area far from water. But it's just a helpful tip, I didn't know either!

  • Why don't you have anything st the bottom of the tank? Or any plants and such? Also this tank is much too small for this turtle D:

  • So does that mean they don't have a memory of 5 seconds? They just have no ability to problem solve?

  • Gold fish are thick as fuck

  • There are a lot of people like this.

  • Lol their afraid of that big turtle

  • I have fish bowl in tank too:

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