Psychology Of Dropshipping (Why People Buy)

Psychology Of Dropshipping (Why People Buy)

In this video we go through what makes a potential prospect turn into a paying customer for your Shopify Dropshipping store… We also announced the GIVEAWAY winners!!

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  • I've been following you since your first videos lol just because there good value but yeah Ima most likely going to buy the book since I didn't win

  • Great Video man

  • Dude if you could recommend more books, that would be dope. Thank you for the video and awesome information again 👌heading to the book store to pick up a copy 🔥🔥🔥

  • I found a new supplier but I think my supplier use instagram models as their picture.. The question is can I use it for my store ? Will i run into legal issues/copyright or anything like that ?

  • I'm excited to learn how to sell seaweed and other algae. 😛

  • Where should I look to hire a designer for my shopify store? And would you recommend starting out with a stock theme (other than your logo)?

  • the second you said that thing about orange I changed the color of the first product variant that shows up haha

  • Yo Hayden thanks for all the help. Just launched a product test promo today on a 100k page and already got almost 100$ in revenue in 2 hours. Literally sold an item 30$ above it's aliexpress cost. Don't know even how xD Wish you the best dude!

  • 0 knowledge

  • thank u so much

  • Hey Hayden nice vid! Do you know about facebook ads? because i havent got a single sell and i have used 70$ USD on ads D:

  • I just can combine the first point with second one, can't I?

  • Much love brodie

  • "Don't use orange." Call Jeff Bezos, Amazon is all f'ed up.

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Maybe one copy for me, Hayden?

  • green means balance

  • What books would you recommend. This one and what other ones?

  • make video tips for Q4 hayden , what beginners should do

  • Amazon is orange and they are huge anyway…

  • Yo Hayden I think a lot of people would really appreciate if you explained what to do after the first round of Facebook ads, like what to do with the breakdown data you get 🙂

  • Love them videos from you. I wish I was watching you from day one. I'm trying to watch them all on drop shipping

  • Great video Hayden! Quick question: do you recommend us to shorten the product page link using Bitly / Google URL shortener? Thanks bro!


  • best dropshiping youtube channel i have found so far

  • I understand and agree to a lot of the stuff you are saying but to say that "never use orange" is not very good advice. Coming from a Graphics Design background, I can assure you that there is no "good" or "bad" colour on its own – it's the context that you use them in that matters. Many successful companies have used orange as part of their fundamental branding (FedEx, Amazon, Soundcloud etc.) and it has never stopped them from reaching out to the mass. It all depends on what message you are trying to convey with your colour.

    Other than that, thanks for the great video!

  • Great information. Thank you

  • Nice and unique video, I don't think there's many videos out that are similar to this.

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