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April 24, 2017 / 42 Comments / by / in
  • Interesting. Hubby and I have cheating dreams ALL the time.

  • I always fly in my dreams, and I love it. This might sound weird, but I always try to fly whenever I can. It just feels great, even if it is just a dream lol

  • I've had alot of those dreams where I struggle to move, but I've also had many where I act them out and I've woken with scratches and sprained wrists and ankles. Very unpleasant either way.

  • Looove this! Psychology of anything has always been really interesting to me :))

  • OMG I love nightmares too!!! I thought I was alone <3

  • Hi Sara! I'm totally new to your channel and I'm loving all these psychological talks.
    I've been interested in the topic of the human mind for a while now.
    I'm wondering if you would ever talk about the 16 personalities eg; how you feel about it?
    I apologise in advance if you have already made a video about it, I did tried looking through your old videos but I don't think I've seen a title on it : )

  • Nobody ever told me that they dream that their significant other is cheating on them… I didn't realize that that was a thing o.O

  • I dream so much but I hate it because I think I'm sleeping enough but I'm always tired throughout the day… when I'm not remembering dreaming last night it's fine ..

  • I love your psych themed videos!!! I also love the others lol.
    I would totally dig a video on Freud and maybe some history on him + background on what other scientists of the time thought of his studies?
    Anyhow, thanks again for an awesome psych of dreams vlog and p.s. I am a fellow female-pale-ginger type person and it struck me while watching this how similar we look sans makeup. Cheers!

  • I think dreams are so fascinating, but also really scary, I dream a lot and very vividly and usually remember what I dreamt, especially if I had a nightmare, and those nightmares are often about being raped or abused in any other kind of way and that just scares the hell out of me. I also dream a lot about my boyfriend cheating on me, so feel you with that, girl!
    I love dreaming but nightmares really terrify me, I can't handle them.

  • Hello Sarah my name is William and i'm obessed with psychology, and i think one of the best experiment that you need to explain to your viewers is BOBO DOLL EXPERIMENT BY BANDURA . Because bobo doll experiment is really about the importance of modeling, and when i say modelling doesn't mean only from parents to their children but to public figures to the world, celebrities to their fans. So i hope you will explain this experiment in your next video. Thanks

  • can you do a video explaining sleep paralysis?

  • Hi Sarah, i would love to hear what you think about the Myers–Briggs Type Indicator or maybe other personality type things, i love your psychology videos!

  • hey sarah i'm a psychology student too and i'd find very interesting to know what you've learned or what kind of subjects and stuff you've had because i'm from argentina (south america) and it's probably very very different! thanks! love you and your videos by the way!!

  • Hope you're doing well. If my opinion has an effect on you, I'd like to tell you that your videos are a breath of fresh air. You just don't give me anything other than pure relaxation and entertainment when watching your videos and more than anything, you take me away from my real world, my "day to day". I enjoy your psychology videos (dreams, the new psychology of horror, etc.), I hope there are more to come. ❤️ thanks for what you do

  • I love all of your psychology videos, I find them so interesting. Please keep them coming!

  • I love these pyschology vids. I'm graduating high school next year, but this semester I am taking Intro to Anthro, Psych, and Soc. It is so fun and there is a lot of work, but I love to talk about it. Also when we were learning about Freud and the Psychosexual Theory everyone was weirded out by anything that he had to say and I can see why since there are so out there compared to anything else I've learned.

  • i dream about what i really want but know i cant have

  • i never ever remember my dreams 🙁


  • I routinely have long detailed memorable dreams which I believe are due to supplements I take. I think Huperzine is the most powerful one. I also eat a Hershey bar before turning in. Sounds crazy and is not a wise choice for most people, but the sugar doesn't keep me awake and the lecithin in it is a precursor of acetylcholine. I do take straight lecithin supplements as part of my morning regime but the bedtime chocolate gives a nice boost and the sugar may also be fuel for the dream process.

  • You should do a video about sleep paralysis!

  • i dream about the apocalypse a lot too. and most times the worst part is me trying to safe my cats last minute when we all need to leave the house because zombies are coming or a fire is there or some other shit and i cant find them or a fucking box to put them in. and my mum yells at me "leave the cats we need to go now"…. omg jhagfdhGSAD aahhhhh Q.Q i dont even live with my cats together anymore, they are at my mums place. and i always think like when something is going on i am not THERE to help them, they need me. i love them so much. i think thats why my brain creates those fucked up apocalypse dreams with my cats getting missed. hate it.

  • One of my favorite things is when something happens in my dream and I can pinpoint exactly what made it occur. For example, let's say I had a dream about a cow. In my dream I go, "oh yeah! I remember seeing that picture of a cow on Twitter yesterday," or something like that. I find it very fascinating

  • I make my own dreams, my own "wonderland" if you will. I have never had a dream about myself that I can remember. I have only ever seen my own dream realm full of dragons. Normally those dreams I can remember 30 minutes into before the rest blacks out. This video was very interesting and educational! I very much so enjoyed it.

  • You should make videos of different psychologists and their theories.

  • Cool video 🙂 I am a psychology student as well and find dreams very interesting. I just told my friend that lately I have had so much going on in my life that I have been seeing VERY lively dreams. Also, sometimes when dreams are really lively and you are recalling something that happened few days ago, it is hard to tell wether that actually happened or were you just dreaming 😀 But yeah, sorry Freud, but no support for his theories about dreams from me. Btw, what comes to studying to a test.. I also prefer giving plenty of time to the consolidation process but if you study just before the test there is also the recency effect which will aid you in recalling the recently learned material in the test 🙂

  • Psychology of racism would be interesting, if you haven't done it already

  • i'm OBSESSED with dreams!!! i've kept a dream journal since i was in jr high. i don't really interpret them or anything, i just love remembering my dreams and experiencing different stories every night

  • Am I the only one who has never had any of those like common dreams? Never. Here's a dream I wrote about after waking up in the middle of the night

    Part one
    In science room
    Someone was doing something with electric current in the floor
    Kept stepping on the wires and getting shocked
    Had to find three heart symbols in stone

    Part two
    In playroom
    Writing on walls names of people in room
    Going to play a game

    Part three
    On a cruise
    Getting locked in the hallways
    Got into the club
    Had to climb the fence while someone threw fishing hooks at me
    Jumped in the ocean from the ship

    So… yeah

  • Can you please do a video on REM sleep disorder?

  • hi there from a fellow shrink. I really like your channel, but I have to disagree with you. it is gonna be so hard to write well this in English, so I am gonna be brief (I am not a native speaker). the critics of Freud's dream theory are really superficial, he does explain why we sometimes have unpleasant dreams, and it is connected with repression and the neurotic structure of thinking. to understand the psychoanalysis way of seeing the human mind you need to expand on Freuds theory as a hole, not just read one of his books (with is a base, since Lacan, for example, changes a lot of concepts) Yours is just one of many valid explanation , and a really biological one.

  • What do you think about lucid dreaming and the 'methods' people use to achieve it if desired?

  • I always dream I have panic attacks.. what does that mean?

  • I remember so many dreams that I've had ever since I was little and some I've dreamed multiple times before.I find dreams very fascinating 😸

  • Idk why but lately I have been scared of dreaming. I've only had a lucid dream once and that's not what I'm afraid of. I'm afraid of what happens in the dreams. I don't get nightmares that often but lately I've been having dreams that leave a bad taste in my mouth and I CANT forget them. My parents own a cabin and there aren't any rooms and the beds are in one open space. I sleep talk and I often get inappropriate dreams so I get super afraid of saying things I don't what to out loud and my parents hearing them

  • Psychology 101 please! Important terms,facts, basic information. Thanks!

  • I love your psychology videos so much, please do more 🙂


  • i have anxiety on my dreams

  • I've had dreams that come true. And to clarify, this isn't a "I think I saw it before" thing because right after I wake, I'll tell my mom so she'll be a witness along with my dad and write it down and sure enough, they happen. Why is this?

  • It would be cool if you talked about sleep paralysis at some point in time, if you know any psychology about it

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