Psychology of Dana White after Las Vegas Tragedy

Psychology of Dana White after Las Vegas Tragedy

Dana White is the President of the UFC. In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting, Dana and the UFC had to decide if and/or how to move forward with UFC 216. This episode will look at the psychology of Dana White’s response to the tragedy and what it might mean for the UFC and Dana moving forward.

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  • Not asking to get into the Vegas shooting at all, but doing Jesus Campos would be pretty interesting.

  • I remember when you had 2k subs. #OnTheRise #aLegendWasBorn

  • New sub here, been looking forward to some new material!

  • Interesting as always man. Cant wait for the GSP Bisping episode.

  • You're a brilliant fresh of air on YouTube, I love watching these.

  • I was at the shooting event myself. I don't normally like Dana too much, but I am right in line with him here. I love your breakdown of him here and it makes me appreciate Dana a little bit more. I feel about like he does,.. just a little bit more unhinged.

  • Nice upload man. Cool to see sincerity outlined in the body language rather than the opposite which is usually the case…… Those are also awesome. Like

  • I love this fucking newt!

  • Another great video Mr Newt! I remember the first vid you did breaking down Floyd's body language in the Canada's press conference. I was captivated by, not only your smooth rugged voice, but also by your spot the fuck on attention to detail. I was like who is this grainy voiced sumbitch. He has the voice of an Angel, who's on a 3 pack a day habit of smokes, and drinks whiskey for breakfast lol. Kidding aside, I was truly amazed by the very precise and fine tuned details you were able to pick up on that I never would have unless you made a vid on them. I can't believe the amount of morons on here that gives Alpaca shit. It's not a goddamn science for Christ sake, but you're damn sure correct more about predictions and break downs more than anyone I have came across so far. On YouTube and IRL. When you were describing Floyd's behavior when he grabbed Conor's flag and kneeled down to make himself submissive because Conor was the dominate primate on stage, I was blown away. Anyways, if youre reading this, Mr Newt, keep the videos coming, you're doing a fanfuckingtastic job my friend! And try not to listen to these talentless fucks on here that talk shit from their mommies basement. I have a request. Can you do one on Netanyahu when he's addressing the US? That's one evil dude and the shit eating grin he has on his face gets to me. His quote is also why, and how everyone in DC and the world kisses his ass with standing ovations. "After Israel has squeezed the very last drop from the USA, the US can crumble to dust and blow away with the winds" – Benjamin Netanyahu I truly believe Israel is a wolf in sheep's clothing and a far greater threat to our security than fuckin NK or Iran is. So if you can please do a video on that war monger Netanyahu, that would be great, and In return, I promise to send you a signed autograph of myself, fully nude lol. Or at the very least do Trump and Kim I'll Jun, or who ever the fuck is the President of NK. Thanks!

  • Dana just admit That 2K is actually fuck all except plane fare, yet they still pay fighters just 2k for undercard fights

  • Dana does too much coke man, the liplicking and smacking…. it’s the coke

  • Shut the fuck up newt, if you could see my face you’d know you make me sick

  • Love this stuff! I've always liked Dana. I don't always like what he does but felt underneath it all he has a heart of gold. I wouldn't want to get on his bad side though!

  • Great Montage, you're making a perfect combination of analytic and enjoyable video at the same damn time.

    You definitely deserve more subscribers!
    You're the next big thing, Amphibious!
    Waiting the jon jones body language during Ufc 214 octagon interview!

    I discovered this channel a week ago, And I turned the notifications on immediately!
    Keep going, buddy!

  • Hey, what do you guys think about the faceoff with Cerrone and Till and Cowboys general "nice guy" persona before a fight.
    Maybe Alpaca Thesaurus could make a video on Cerrone, or maybe something like "nice guys in UFC Vs bad guys"

  • I fucking love this channel. It’s so interesting and unique. Much appreciation for taking the time to make these vids, cheers. 👍

  • The wat he "clamped is lips shut" is exactly what I did about 50 times today at work. My mouth and my lips were so f**** dry I was constantly wiping the corners of my mouth licking my lips closing them like that just as Dana does… Jesus whole body language videos are getting very popular right now on YouTube and I can definitely see why because the psychology behind it is very interesting but lots of it is just total bullshit. Just like Sigmund Freud, yes he was right about a lot of things but he was also obsessed with certain things which made him draw conclusions about people way too early and make so many assumptions that were just ridiculous and it's still going on right now. Yeah body language can tell you a lot about a person but I can only tell you so much I mean people have bodies and our bodies do things for specific reasons and for non specific reasons. All these videos, in my opinion, boil down to just plain and simple over analysis. A lot body language interpretation and analysis is just straight up bunk. You guys try and see or make there be something there when there's really nothing there at all. Just think about your own self and what you do throughout the course of the day or when you're talking to someone where are your eyes how many times do you make eye contact how many times do you laugh how many times do you lick your lips or look the other way or scratch your arm or hold your hands together – which I should remind you – means that you're insecure and you're comforting yourself so you're touching your other hand to make your body feel more comfortable. I will admit that analyzing a person's Behavior or body language can be and is accurate to an extent but it's also bullshit I'd say it's about 50-50. People look into things way too much and they see shit that's not really there. Our bodies are living breathing working power stations if you will… we breathe we have lungs organs a heart and obviously we have body functions that just happen things we have no control over if I'm talking to someone or if I'm being asked a question and I look over to my side and scratch my ear then oh my God hold the door wait a second that means I'm insecure and something struck a chord with me and now I'm exerting signs that I'm under pressure and uncomfortable and I need out of this situation. Well no that's just a bunch of bullshit made up assumptions. People lick their lips if they want to moisten them people stand with their arms in front of them clasping one over the other because shoot sometimes it's just comfortable and it's a nice way to stand. It doesn't always have to mean that you're guarding yourself or you're uncomfortable or you're in an awkward situation. I mean bodies just do what bodies do sometimes and I know a response to this could be that what I just said is exactly why you can analyze body language because a body does what it does so these involuntary subconscious movements occur when a person is feeling a certain way and I said yes that's of course obviously true in certain situations but not always. Not at all always. I think these videos are interesting and they can offer unique insight into a person's subconscious or hope you understand how they really feel or what's going on in their head at any given time but I just got to be honest when I say most of this is just a bunch of assumptions and that's a fact. You can't prove any of it and you can't call it definitive because it's just one person's opinion based on what they've been taught and how they interpret it. So while they are fun and interesting to watch or listen to as well as being accurate at times in the end it's all just assumption. This is guessing oh, it's not a science, it's not anything exact and it sure as hell can't be proven. It all boils down to someone watching someone else while interpreting what they do or how they act, their body movements, gestures and mannerisms. I just wrote a really long comment when all I had to say was that this is all just nothing but guesses and assumptions with a dash of psychology. Don't get me wrong, I love when they're correct and someone is able to accurately explain a person's true feelings and emotions or intentions purely through their body language I think that's really cool but it's just filled with way too many assumptions and guesses… you couldn't be further from an exact science. But with that being said I still enjoy watching these videos. Goodbye

  • .033 seconds in, I thought 'DRRRUNNNNK'


  • Cool video, excited for the Bisping/GSP episode! Great stuff mate!

  • Do an analysis of the shooters brother the news interviewed.

  • You are awesome!

  • Great vid, keep it up

  • Interesting video. You always intrigue.

  • My Favourite video so far. Beautiful Accurate and Inspiring

  • This is all portrayal. It's all an act. He's afraid this shooting will affect his bottom line.

  • Notice that his body doesn't move, just his head. He's acting.

  • PREDICTION: dana will go into politics. this is his first move into his new career.

  • You need to watch Bombard body language for her technics

  • Yes, indeed…I do enjoy watching videos featuring this goddamned newt, and his goddamned thoughts. Good work, Couv.

  • That moment where he said “record” in his Boston accent was bizarre. I’m curious what that meant as well.

  • Dana Redbaldhead

  • I think your gay bro.

  • This channel is soooooooooooooooo gooooooooooooooood

  • You are very, very good at recognizing and analyzing micro expressions, and I appreciate your channel.

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