Psychology: Mind Reading for Beginners (Part 2)

Psychology: Mind Reading for Beginners (Part 2)

How free are our decisions?
Sometimes our decisions are influenced by subtle or even subliminal signals.
In addition scientists often observe a human tendency to choose an option in the middle (Center Stage effect).
This makes people predictable. Good Mentalists use this knowledge to simulate mind reading…

Author: Eskil Burck (degreed psychologist)


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  • I chose the star but it was between that and the waves, I'd say that's weird enough for me ha ha

  • with toilets i always go for the futhest door?

  • I chose the star because I think it is joyful . the square and the cross are boring and don't give you impression . and felt the waves are confusing .I think the trial will be more reliable if you put the square and the cross in the middle

  • 3:34 sometimes i look lol.. i to like to live dangerously

  • 3:50 now that is not Kak advice XD

  • well i also choosed wavy lines just because of my star which is Aquarius πŸ˜€

  • I chose the square because my initial choice was the wavy lines. I thought that if my first choice is wavy lines I'm going to chose another to throw it off. And it seemed to work. I like to be counter intuitive quite often just to see what would happen.

  • My first choice was star, then I thought life is full of up and down like waves then I choose waves

  • hi . i choice the waves because i love sea ,beach and summer πŸ˜€

  • star

  • i choose square.

  • The star were my first choice, it gave me a positive outlook… It looked like an optimistic choice…. Abt the wavy lines, it's also a star sign, I highly discouraged it bcz of dt bcz it wasn't my star sign … I did wonder y it was kept slanting… But we'll I see it was kept purposely… Abt the waves I'm happy one of the guesses of mine did match as to y people chose wavy lines… The sea… Many people do love sea, swimming, some may athletes Dts what came to my mind as to y they must have chosen….

  • 1. omg we know it's nutella, you don't have to do the most to hide it so much
    2. What kinda animal uses a stall that's closest to the door??

  • Why is he so slowwww

  • I chose the wavy lines….

  • can Wavy background-design of table on which cards were placed be the reason??

  • I immediately chose the wave card.

  • i chose the star because at night with no clouds its all I see up there

  • When the cards were put out I picked the +. But when I saw the star I chose that one because it makes me think of a obsession I had for stars when I was younger.

  • i choose star card because it was more attractive and border were bold so it attracted me

  • First i would like to choose the wave card because i really want to go to the beach this week and then i realized that it's midnight and that choosing the star is more appropriate !
    i didn't looked to the other cards beacause i was to lazy to moove my eys to right or to the left !
    this why i choosed the star !

  • i chose the star

  • I had chosen the plus (because I am in a medical profession )but then I thought that the first placed is chosen more often and so I thought of square but then probability of the last placed being taken is also high cos people in case of hurry or less interested would just pick the last one (when said to someone that a survey is conducted then people don't like to participate heartily) so then I came to the star
    I didn't choose the wavy one cos it represents the zodiac Aquarius n I have past memories associated with it
    -I hope this helps ur research 😁 good job btw πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

  • I chose the star, probably because of 3 reasons,
    1. middle position,
    2. I like the star shape,
    3. I honestly believe that if 1 card is tilted (or anyhow different) there is actually much less probability I will choose it personally. Also it was the only sign that was not made of straight lines – and that was the actual difference that I noticed consciously and immediately.

    When I was in high school, and if/when I was lucky enough to get an exam where we only had to choose the correct answers (like A, B C or D ), if I didn't know the answer I could always rule out at least 1 or more. The option that was much different from the others was NEVER correct. The trap was simply too obvious. My logic was simple, if it were actually correct, teachers would never make it stand out and put 3 nonsense options next to it.
    And further, when 1 is ruled out and we are left with let's say 3 possible options usually the middle value is correct. Not necessarily in the sense of "position" but in the sense of "value" (also abstract not just numerical)
    especially if it feels just slightly less "random" and a little bit more "specific".
    So even if I had no idea on the subject I would still get about 50% chance to get it right, instead of 25% – just a tip for the students – and the teachers on the other hand πŸ˜€

  • I chosen the weave because we saw +[] * regularly weave is different so

  • i chose square because it reminded me of national geographic channel ! i like it very much!!

  • I wanted to chose the wavy lines but i chose Cross, Because first option are mostly ignored by lot of people having thought it is chosen by many people but in the end it's not the common selection.

  • the reason i chose the wavy one was because i couldn't decide between the other three so i went with the wavy one since it was different

  • I choose the star, but I thought pp'll choose the wave cuz of the music it was like wavy kinda music u know~~ lol also cuz the wave was kinda different from the other shapes.
    Ii thought they'll be different music each time u choose and then u'd guess what we choose cuz like we get inspired by the music.

  • things is why i choosed that lines was i want to choose that card which cannot be recognized by u i dont know why i do that

  • I chose waves because of two reasons
    1- It was the middle one
    2- I wanted to go to sea

  • i choose wavy lines…intresting study

  • wave

  • every time that I had a choise to choose a thing it was always the first one they said and I think ths kind of stuff and just this in general is really cool and it makes a lot of sence actually I am just learning a lot from these videos.

  • I always try to get the least chosen option and I had seen the center stage effect before so I discarded the middle two and decided for the plus in toilets I would say it is about a third for B,C and D for me D most often maybe because it is closest to barred windows and almost never A.

  • I only use public restrooms when I have no other choice like in airports. Good to know, from now on I will choose the room to the corner, thanks!

  • Lol… I choose wavy lines😍…n toilet B….

  • I chose square, although I was initially drawn to the waves. So then I thought I will choose a shape that I am not drawn to and that was the square. So really I was trying to outthink the test.

  • I chose the square and as for the bathroom I chose D.

  • I chose the wave lines…

  • I chose the waves card

  • The star made me think of Jews and the atmosphere the square made me think of boundaries and pastures with fences and the cross made me think of YAHSHUA (Jesus) and pagans , the squiggly lines as I called them made me think of mountains, water ,hair and it was open things could go in between passing through like paths so I choose squiggly lines all this went through my head in like 5 seconds since I didn't pause the video for the choice

  • hi

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