Psychology & Indoctrination for the Destruction of Critical Thinking in Public Schools

Psychology & Indoctrination for the Destruction of Critical Thinking in Public Schools

This powerful video will help wake up the sleeping sheeple to what the public school systems are planning for the children and how they are teaching about death, self-medicating, and psycological indoctrination at the elementry levels. Suicides and violence are on the rise due to psycological drugs being given to children and the indoctrination that is reversing what the parents have taught their children. Parents must take a stand now to save our children from a tyranical education system that is locking our children’s minds into suicide, drug addiction, and hopelessness.



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  • Excellent video. Well done! I only wish there were more viewers.

  • Well done. It should wake up at least some people to think and hopefully to LOOK for themselves.

  • "Schools will become clinics whose purpose is to provide individualized psycho-social treatment for the student"..

  • @BillyJoeVegas The greatest threat to the controllers world order is a free thinking mind

  • This video is very missinformed.
    Humanist sistems don't go as far as saying spelling any way the child wants is right, nor that math can also be right any way the child wants to protect the self-esteem.

    Rather they discourage humiliation and punishment by the teachers. In the past it was thought this made the boy stronger, now it is known it just triggers defence mechanisms that can be harmfull later on in thei child's life.

  • Furthermore, psychologists don't work with drugs. Such prescriptions are given by psychatrists, wich are another thing entirely. Psychological treatment consits of therapy, wich can vary a lot depending on the focus. My area, for example, Gestalt, tries to "summon" the situation that triggered the defence mechanism that is causing trobule to a present time, so a person can confront the feelings and get over it, so it is no longer a burden he/she must carry. Drugs are discouraged.

  • Finally, it speaks that psichology treats humans as animals that respond to stimulous of the enviorment, this is only one of the branches of psychology, called conductivism. It is strong in the U.S., but weak in many other countries. Many psychologists use it as complementary in their therapy, but on it's onw it solves nothing. The part about indoctrinating children into being better workers and not worring about anything else is actually the field of sociology, not psychology.

  • I am critical regarding psychiatry, wich assumes giving a drug solves a problem. Most psychologsits i know agree this is not the case, and in fact makes it worse. We are against this practice. As for the "Make them good workers" thing, this aspect of sociology is the "bad" side of the coin, sociology can also be used to make them critical thinkers, free people and give them ambision and vision, most psychologists i know, again, are against the first practice i mentioned.

  • Excellent video exposing little known truth

  • Wow. What a load of crap.What schol did this imaginary kid go to? Sounds to me like another parent who doesn't understand modern education and an imaginary strawman argument from people who think any public education is indoctrination. Be afraid! They want to steal your children and make them eat gay tofu and deny Jesus!

  • The teacher put my desk out in the hall, separated me completely from the class for most of that year. Of course that didn’t help me at all. They were convinced that I was a trouble maker and until just a month or two ago, my parents never knew this happened. The teachers never mentioned this to them. It was a bad school system, and the teachers weren’t the best. It does happen.

  • Not all school systems are run in the same way. Many, many years ago when I was in grade school, the staff at my school tried to convince my mother that I had ADHD, which is completely false. There was also a year in which I had some massive childhood trauma due to molestation, which happened outside of the home. I retreated into myself and didn't do my school work.

  • how can truth be known

  • and if we dont change this then we are in big trouble.

  • by testing it

  • Keep drinking the kool aid

  • In all honesty i never had this childhood


    If you don't know about history, you are likely to repeat the same mistakes, that's why it's important to know about the US civil war.

    However the exact dates are not as important, but to err for 50 years??? give me e break!!

  • Agenda: Grinding America Down

  • Six blind men and the Elephant, look it up. You are forgetting subjective truth, not everything can be weighed objectively. You can't "work" truth like some stone, there is no objective, final core. Moreover if you say the truth simple "is", then how can you prove that it "is" to someone who thinks the contrary. Truth does not, as you say, "exist in objective reality".

  • "If you assert that the Earth is round, you are either clinically insane or being facetious". Short of calling you a "fool", I would ask you to clarify. Do you think the earth is flat? You need to be more clear Julian.

  • Attempt at comedy? I should have aborted this conversation as soon as I saw your display picture (Ad Hominem, I know). If you can not form concise, clear arguments Julian, I'm afraid I will have to cut this short. I give your performance a C+, Julian. Now go re-upload "Wushu Richard" videos (how gruelingly obscure! I bet the ladies love you!). I was in the same place as you (roughly) when I was in my pubescent days, just keep your head up. Peace

  • Since neither of us are going to convince each other, its best to part ways. I wont attack you any further. I think you are a really nice guy, even if you have a hard time showing it. Obviously this "debate" has no viable conclusion. I also have to apologize for those remarks, even if you did initially complement your argument with a hardy "Shut-up, fool". I try not to be douche-bag, and I know you are not one either. It was great talking to you man. Have a nice day. Peace

  • well just go to charter or private schools is a option or old fashioned homeschool

  • can't belive you didn't mention lunches nowadays cuz im in highschool and they defiantly made lunch worse since i was in 4rth or 5th grade

  • Maya's mother is an idiot

  • What is death education exactly?

  • Who the F is teaching death education? NOBODY. Where is this video getting its information? I don't agree with the public education system, but truly, this video is f-ing retarded

  • Death education is basically just telling the students about suicide. Of course they're showing not to, but instead they ARE teaching kids HOW TO.

  • In my 'school' they make everybody write on how they did a essay previously "using prior knowledge" or "critical thinking" etc. Every month. Its all bull shit to make it appear to be use full by using big words. I actually have been able to understand my own mind better than most other people and am able to conclude the sheer stupidity of it all. They have turned the term 'core curriculum' aka the most important thing being taught, into remembering where you learned something. Who else had this?

  • This is ridiculous. Death Ed? Lol get the fuck out of here.

  • If learning is subjective, with any answer correct…  SCHOOL ISN"T NEEDED.
    The rest is up to us, and that means we would be responsible.  Responsibility for ourselves isn't taught in school, so we continue to send our children to a place that destroys their minds and bodies daily, as they did with us. 
    Teaching our kids to question the answers, and rejecting the drugs foisted on them can be the only place to start.  No flouride in their water, toothpaste, mouthwash, etc.  Vaccines containing heavy metals, that cause other illnesses to manifest, that normally wouldn't.  It's all on us.

  • So in other words humans as a collective are idiots with contradictory agendas that treat their own offspring like house pets rather their own species? How's is any different now that shit has been going on for centuries

  • So, what's the solution to this problem of mass manipulation?

  • I stopped watching at 0:40.  My irony meter broke when, in a documentary criticizing the quality of education and critical thinking, the third paragraph to appear for us misuses, "are," in place of, "our."  This is what is commonly referred to as a fail.

  • No wonder they cant read, write or do math. Unbelievable! Home school them. We are funding this?

  • public education started from the Unitarian church and socialist both groups influenced by mysticism which started to morph into psychology when people stopped believing in the supernatural. People influenced by demons are to blame for this 

  • I think I'm tired of documentaries that bring heavy emotion rather than facts. Lessen the music a little bit so your facts and arguments can breath. Cite your sources, don't quote things willy nilly.  These things lessen your credibility…which is the last thing you need.

  • This video is so devoid of critical thinking and filled with so many lies, that it is dangerous.

  • Thank you.

  • What fear mongering!

  • So who the FUCK cares!

  • This video its self is trying to change the way you think and therefore takes you on the first steps of Indoctrination. It starts off making sense and seeming reasonable, then changes to fear mongering, making you fear about the world around you and what your children are being taught and what is inside your medication (In this video they mention what is inside medication and what these things can cause, but fails to mention the quantity needed to cause such side effects, which is a lot). I wouldn't take anything away from this other than you need to think for yourself and not blindly believe what you're told and that you should in fact think for yourselves.

  • Take away their cell phones, and let your children read, play an instrument, take music lessons, something else besides guitar or drum! let your kids go and play with other kids. They get a ball, maybe a glove. (Not a football!).

  • jfk said the enemy was the secret societies, then he was shot. eisenhower said the enemy was the military industrial complex. government is greek, two words, ment is mind and govern is control. this is the faith test of God. stand up for right and true and live forever, or not, and see what happens next.

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