Psychology experiment :invisible rope

Psychology experiment :invisible rope

a psychology experiment i did by performing the invisible rope trick


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  • Wow guys!!! Great fucking way to get someone killed or seriously hurt! Congratulations on being stupid. What would've happened if one of those cars slammed into each other, into you or went off the road because of your "experiment"? Would you be laughing then? Maybe you should take some time out and think about what could happen to other people because of your stupid experiments and YouTube videos? Also it's great to have the evidence to take to court too I guess to prove you were at fault for killing someone! Again great job guys!

  • I am pretty sure people didn't want to walk between them because they didn't want to interrupt them

  • Lol I do this with hair sometimes. makes me laugh.

  • the title of the song? or soundtrack?

  • It's easier to assume we're under some delusion than two separate people are under one, especially when everyone else seems to be going along with it too.

  • They did not cross the rope because the have fucking manners

  • maybe they just didn't want to walk between two people who are clearly interacting with each other

  • How did you know the reason for the people not walking in the middle of you two was just because they would view it as rude, just like how people see walking in between people talking is rude?

  • maybe people didn't want to bother them lol bad experiment

  • I dont actualy think they had a rope there

  • Maybe the people didn't want to walk in between two young men maybe about 5 feet apart squatting on the floor making weird hand movements, just a guess.

  • stupid experiment, with an obvious alternative explanation

  • At the store, they didn't know what you were doing but avoided walking through to be polite. At School, most were playing along or in on it and on the street, they probably thought you may have been getting ready to do something and wanted to avoid something hitting their car. Maybe you fooled one or two that thought it was a rope… maybe.

  • i think its a common courtesy not to move between two people who are interacting, not so much that anyone is afraid of their "invisible rope".

  • also it looks like they go to a nigger school, that sucks

  • Cara eu to chorando de rir kkkkk

  • i did this on cars with my friend! Do a video of that?

  • that kid is just like you guys are fuckin dumb

  • you are like idiots.

  • you are like idiots.

  • Stupid

  • This is not a psychology experiment because you really can be unsure if there is a transparent fishing line. Not everyone has 20/20 vision and even with good vision it can be hard to spot, so easier just to be careful. Some people might just have been polite and others just walked right through.

  • They were just not trying to be rude. That's all.

  • 4:45 that guy had one shoe

  • Could it also be that people in the super market don't want to cause trouble and those in the school want to have fun?

  • my teacher told me to watch this

  • Wait theirs no rope right because at first I thought they had a actual rope. Hahahahaha

  • personally, if i saw them doing that in the store… i would go around because i feel as if its rude to walk in between someone when it obviously look like they're doing something together… a "invisible rope" probably wouldn't run through my mind not once

  • I would still go around them csuse I dont wanna just go between them while they looking at each other. Or ill say excuse me then go thro

  • The kids in the school were probably told to jump over it

  • People at you school have weak ass shoe game

  • Stop this bullshit now. Who allowed you to get away with thinking that this is a psychology experiment? Nobody wants to walk in front of a bunch of weirdos because they are weird. Not everyone is as stupid as you are.

  • My friends did it on the rode it was so funny

  • I think the reason people avoided walking between them was because they didn't want to interrupt whatever they were doing, at least in the first few experiments. Later, when they had their backs to the wall, was a much better experiment, as you see people go out of their way not to step on the "rope".

  • Lol when the cars stopped I laughed so hard lol

  • they were not even moving their hands at the same frequency, and since a string can be either elastic or plastic state only, we can observe that there's no un-pulled string(as otherwise, it would appear curved and light would refract at a different angle and become more visible), yet if the string was elastic, with one guy's hand moving rate being faster than the other one, we would be able to see the string being released from it's stretched state until the other guy pull it back enough and before then, the above refraction effect would occur as well, hence there's no physical string. Disprove me if I'm wrong

  • Had to come back and leave a dislike for a retarded experiment 😎

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