Psychology – Career Opportunities

Psychology – Career Opportunities

Information for people considering a career in psychology.

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  • nice

  • I'm not a psychologist yet; however this guy never blinks his eyes.

  • ok i'm 14 right now and well i know i want to study psychology
    i once saw that ther is a career that involves doing one on one with children who have some mental problems and weel they evaluate them and try to help them in any way possible what would that be? is there something similar to that?

  • @greentape44

    Hello greentape44 i work for the British Psychological Society and i think you are referring to Educational and Child Psychologists. If you would like to know more about the different types of psychologists i would suggest visiting the BPS website and putting 'types of psychologists'in the search box (sorry cant post a link) Best Wishes

  • He is BLIND can't you tell, he is always looking at the same place. This video was very useful for me thank you . Keep up the good work everyone !

  • @didigoldor dude then why was he wearing glasses?

  • @celermail Hi best thing to do is look on our webste searching 'how do i become a clinical psychologist' or give us a call on 0116 254 9568 and we will be able to give you some advice. Hope this helps

  • @didigoldor I doubt that he is blind.

  • i'm inn high school and want to become psychology , i wanted to be a social worker but changed my mind. what classes should i take or what classes do i need to go to university? do i need English and math?

  • @manny9800 he blinks at 0:28 and at 0:32

  • Able to target the world? Quite a broad target

  • @manny9800 loooool

  • Do you have to go to university to be a psychotherapist or anything else in the psychology line of work? Help.

  • Yes he does, his eyes are just very intense.

  • you have 2 drug dealer or drug counselor they all break down to that

  • it is it has no bases in science unlike every other form of medicine

  • He is reading from a telepromter thats why…

  • get rekt m8

  • oi wagwan psychology hype 2k14 

  • hi camera man …. YOU SUCK!!

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