I think that before the study the history of Psychology in detail; discuss the topic which is very important in self nature. The topic is either psychology is science or not? I share my understanding about this topic and hope it provide a great contribution in your knowledge.

What is science?

imagesSome question arise in mind when listen about science. What is science? What is purpose of science? What is method of science and what is importance in our life? So we describe the definition of science first:

“Science is a systematic enterprise that builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe”. (Resource: Wikipedia)

When we look to the definition of science, it depends on some parts and these parts are:

  • Systematic method
  • Build or gaining knowledge
  • Organizing knowledge
  • Prediction

Now we discuss all these aspect in detail for better understanding.

a.      Systematic method:

Everyone knows that systematic mean step by step and a proper process. It is very important when we conduct any type of activity, if we do it step by step, it make easy to complete and do it. In science we understand it in following way.


b.      Build or gaining knowledge

The next step in the definition is gaining knowledge. So when we talk about gaining knowledge, a question which method use for that purpose. Scientist makes it easy and defines a tool that is empiricism. The empiricism means that direct observation of anything. You also know that all type of observation possible through sense and these is our sensory organ. In the entire sensory organ is very important in the observation.

c.       Organizing knowledge

Third and most important part of definition is to organizing the knowledge. When information is collect through sensory organs and reaches to the brain then other very important process will be start. In other words, information that in rough form reach to brain need to interpreted, organize and adjusted with pervious information. This process called rationalism. When information logically interpreted and adjusted with previous information.

d.      Make prediction;

Forth and last part of definition is prediction. When process of empiricism and rationalism is completed then on the basis of that we make prediction about universe.

This is simple explanation of science and now we next move toward Psychology.

What is psychology?

images (1)Like science, in the field of psychology also arise some question. For example, what is psychology, what is role psychology in daily life etc? We need same like above focus on definition of psychology. Then we make great understanding about the topic.

“Psychology is a study of scientific study of mental process and behavior”. (Resource: Wikipedia)

In the definition explain three components that are below discussed in detail:

  • Scientific Study
  • Mental Process
  • Behavior


a.      Scientific Study:

When we study the definition of science, we looks and discuss it through a diagram. Scientific study is systematic and basis on direct observation and logically explanation of the phenomena. In the nature of definition shows that psychology also follows scientific method. Same like science psychology also follow a systematic way. I have already explained what scientific process use for scientific study is. It is process which is a systematic way, we first observe anything and idea comes in mind (hypothesis) and then we start research on it. In research, we collect relevant data and analyze. Then at the end we conclude them.


b.      Mental process

A simple explaination of mental process is “every thing which can due brain”. It is too broad area because every activity who perform human is called mental activity. Behind the mental activity, many procces occure in the brain. Simply we say that in the mental procces we interpreate, organize, adjuste and genrate new information. These all aspect in simple through direct observation, privious information, rationlism and critiivity. So here also prove that in psychology also use same tools like science.

c.       Behavior:

Third and last part of definition is behavior. In lay language, behavior is response of any Stimulas. In the certen sitution, usually responces are same. For example, when anyone lost love once, it make sad mood and may be silent or may be crying but same feel greif. On the basis of direct observation and interepateion of information, we pridict about the sitution next.




Many studies on that topic have alredy written be psychologists and sienctists and defend there point of veiw. If we talk the strength of that psychology is science, it is more highly and less supoorted the idea that it science or not. Acoording to me , I explain through definition that psychology is science. Three major components that are foucs and study in both discpline. If we ignore any one of them that then difinition and discpline are incomplete.




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