Psychology and Facebook

Psychology and Facebook

Psychologically speaking, what does someone’s Facebook page say about them? On today’s video, I’m discussing pictures, posts, and people. Want to know if a prospective or current friend is real, fake, or somewhere in the middle? I’ve broken this video into three parts: photos, posts, and people. These three parts specifically address different psychological guideposts about the Facebook page, more importantly the person who’s page it is. When was the last time you looked at someone’s page and drew an immediate decision about their life? How often have you stood behind that decision even when their’s no evidence? We forget that a picture is not reality. A picture could have been taken several times before one was selected to display. We often don’t realize the persona or direction they’re going with that “image.” An image is just that, something that portrays the image they want to show the world. When you look through people’s Facebook pages do you see a lot of famous people? Have you ever wondered how much they know that famous person? How often is it a random happening where they saw the famous person at the store and asked for a selfie? However, isn’t funny how we judge them positively when we see them with famous people? How often do people post family photos? Isn’t odd how some people don’t post any personal photos, is it for safety reasons or are they not that happy at home? Basically, how real are people’s posts? Another area to analyze are the posts on people’s pages. Do they let others post stuff to their page? Do they support others in their endeavors or do they not? When they are out and about, do they check in or not? Do they let others check in for them? The last P is for people. Are their friends real friends, do they know them, or are they collecting friends? Are they really looking for friends that feel like them, think like them, basically looking for their tribe or are they merely collecting friends? Sometimes with some people, it’s all about collecting friends and having 5000. Don’t miss the food for thought section at the end of the video/vlog. These will help you look into your own Facebook persona and understand yourself better. It’s worth the self examination, you ready?



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  • That was really insightful. The authentic glimpse into my friends' life is what I really enjoy about Facebook. Especially if, in real life, I haven't had the chance to see those people for quite a while. Leaving a comment under a snapshot is a nice way to tell someone that they have a place in your life. And it makes me smile to see people's friendly comments under my own photos because they keep us connected in an appreciative way.

    BUT: Facebook posts that blatantly advertise a picture-perfect life with a sexy devoted partner (soooo much in love after x years of marriage), care-free, ubertalented super-kids and a (sub)urban utopia that borders on soppy cliche make me cringe. On my less than perfect days, those posts make me feel anything between confused and slightly angry. This is when I feel the urge to distance myself from Facebook. I think it's healthy.

    Sometimes I wish people (including myself) would post more often on their truly bad days because that would be so much more honest and true to life. It would also invite compassionate responses and give us the chance to interact more authentically with each other.

    So the next time, I'm having a shitty day or a big pimple on my nose – I might just post it.

  • Hi Ashley! Great topic. I love my face book. Although some of what is going on in the world has divided us in ways, over all it is a positive experience for me and there is so much that I get out of it. I created an account in 2007 and really didn’t do anything with it until prodded by friends to get on board. I did so in 2009 and since then it has been an interesting ride. I’ve met new friends, and connected with old friends. My Children, brothers and cousins are here as well. Some of my clients have become friends. I sometimes feel posting or getting involved on a thread can be dicey. Do I share something that some may find offensive or insensitive or do I keep it light and fluffy? For me Face Book is like a cocktail party. You move from group to group or person to person. Each stop brings something new. Perhaps some fun, banter and laughter on one thread or sadness, hurt and pain on another. Some times I will add to, challenge or question someone on a post. It's what we do! It’s all part of that socializing that one can find at a large reception that I find myself in at times at my RE/MAX conferences. I’m pretty raw. I’m not for everyone. I get that and I can live with it. If what I say or do isn’t your cup of tea you won’t offend me if you defriend me. Chances are some of what you are posting isn’t for me either. Viva la difference! March on bravely!

  • I rarely ever get on Facebook. Most posts are either political, people making their lives seem like celebrity or just the opposite where everything posted is sad and negative. I'd rather just set up some time to have lunch and talk. A much better experience and one you will seek out with people you really care about.

    I enjoy your videos.

  • Fb = bragbook

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