Psychology Advice for Students from Professor Mike Atkinson

Psychology Advice for Students from Professor Mike Atkinson

Michael Atkinson
Department of Psychology
Faculty Associate
Educational Development Office
University of Western Ontario
3M National Teaching Fellowship Winner


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  • His words are definitely helpful!!

  • This was so inspiring and motivating, I was being to lose sight of why I was studying this course (I am half way though my degree). I'll go back to studying right away now. 

  • Western psychology is the most racist and biased practice of modern times. 

  • I am only 14 years old. I am planning for my future.

    I really want to study psychology. But can a psychologist's salary can support a family? I can't decide whether I will study psychology or not.

    I would like you to know that, not being boastful, I am good in math. Average in science and english.

    Please, help me decide.


  • aboot

  • Great Information

  • yes, and one thing does the mind too. you take everything for granted when you see someone who has the title "professor". thats poor

  • The great thing about psychology is that, it's everywhere, in our every day lives but most of the time, we do not take time to even observe what's happening within us, around us and that's what interested me in studying psychology.

  • One of the best teachers I ever had. LOVED Super Psych. Thanks Professor Atkinson!!

  • Further to his point about usefulness of taking Psychology is that it's also very helpful in the business world — for marketing, sales, etc…

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  • So articulate, accessible, and insightful. Thank you!

  • Another one of the best psychology professors in Canada.

  • thank you!!!

  • Love this video

  • Thank you so much for posting this video! Excellent advice.

  • I like Biology. 😄

  • Wonderful! 🙂

  • my question : if i take psychology as a major in univesity do i have to study alot of maths too? coz im bad at math :/

  • if u think he was albert einstein is thumbnail like this comment

  • Can somebody help mee ? I'm really interested in Psychology and Philosophy ans biology 💕 But I'm also interested in Law . I don't know why since my childhood I always want to be part of equality , justice . Exactly this things are the most important things for me . But You know being lawyer is really formal . And I'm a introvert person , I can really understand people . Lawyers don't have a time for them 🙁 But I really like to improve myself and my big dream is traveling the world 😂

  • He explains it exceptionally well.

  • Is it good to choose psycology as our career

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