Psychology 101 – Wundt & James: Structuralism & Functionalism – Vook

Psychology 101 – Wundt & James: Structuralism & Functionalism – Vook

This is the “Wundt & James: Structuralism & Functionalism” video from “Psychology 101: The Animated TextVook”. For more information on this or other titles from Vook, please visit


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  • you now history real good

  • Great summary. Quick and to the point

  • Yay for free education!

  • Thanks a lot for the quick and clear review!=D may i know if there're some clips regarding social psychology?? many thanks!!

  • i thought wilhelm wundt founded introspection, but his student edward bradford titchener criticize wilhelm's methods and so he made structuralism

  • is good video…but the vo is going very fast. not helpful.

  • All hail!! =O

  • HAHA Ok I thought I was the only one who learned this.

  • Hey wanna help me with my homework? I'm reading the same book as of now and trying to understand all of the concepts and getting the people straight.

  • I didn't think you would take my request seriously. But if you have any study tips for this book and how to keep all of the people straight, that would be helpful 🙂 Thanks

  • the Psychology book I have and my psychic teacher says otherwise.

  • You have a psychic teacher

  • Thanks! This was a very helpful video!

  • very helpful

  • Thanks, because he got me confused when he said Wundt work included structuralist, when in fact it was Titchener who did structuralist, and Wundt did Functionalism.

  • It should state that Edward Titchner aimed to discover the mind's structure and came up with introspection…. why isn't he mentioned? Or am I wrong…. because I am looking in the textbook for the exam I studying for at the moment.

  • yeah im reading about this guy now and the book is great but this explains it so much better to where i can understand it

  • Wundt invented the school of Voluntarism, NOT structuralism. It is Titchener who invented structuralism

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