Psychologist on TRUMP’s Extreme NARCISSISM | Lawrence O’Donnell inside Donald Trump’s mind

Psychologist on TRUMP’s Extreme NARCISSISM | Lawrence O’Donnell inside Donald Trump’s mind


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  • I'm so glad some people are recognising this. He's a textbook case. It's a very serious mental illness that sadly his family most likely suffer from the most. Whenever I look at his smug face or listen to his rudimentary vocabulary declaring how intelligent he is, I see a tiny scared kid hiding behind this loud, obnoxious image that he projects. I only wish I knew what confluence of events caused him to get as far in your election as he has.

  • Idiots…

  • When will people realize it's not Trump that's the problem, but much much more so the American people… We've allowed ourselves to be the most dumbed down nation in history, and now we're paying the price. Democracy doesn't work unless you have an intelligent educated populace. And that we no longer have.

  • A very ill man. Sad.

  • Envious people who do not like Donald Trump. Donald Trump has a black humor. I like his black humor.

  • A similar diagnosis was made by professionals basically before Donald Trump became the president. So I don't know how, bringing up new diagnosis. Is going to change anything. If the vice president is just a submissive suck up sell out to a traitor. The vice president does not care about women's rights he has less respect for women then maybe even Donald Trump. That is the only kind of power these clowns are interested in. Which results in women living dying lonely frustrated as all hell.  As far as I'm concerned Donald Trump has served his purpose. The instant he became the president. For when he was recognized as a world leader. He then became spiritually accountable. For all of the disease sickness illness pain suffering torment and hunger that has been allowed to occur over the years throughout the history of mankind manifesting into what it is today. Okay his soul and spirit along with all his supporters employees employers like-minded people.  Are now allowed to pick up! the spiritual tab. on all the wasted time energy and resources that have occurred throughout the history of mankind. The soul and spirit can handle one all the way up to billions of years. Worth of all that useless way of living and dying.

  • its fun watching the muppets

  • hell you just described liberals to a tee. good job you muppets

  • He won!!!! Lol. Cry babies!!!!

  • donny is The Narcississt among Narcississt. I would guess his true I is around 80 at the most. Narcississt are insecure little babies inside, so they put up a big, bully front that they are bigger, better than everyone else. They have to constantly reassured that they are great or the insecurities start to creep in. If you question their authority, they crack. I could go on. Get the book and read it. It's trump to a tee.

  • The Trump Haters have gone off the deep end. They are bordering on psychotic, losing grip on reality. At first, no matter what Trump said or did, they hated him. Now, they have gone to hating Trump's very existence. Now it's time for them to seek therapy.

  • If Trump is a narcissist or not, l really don't care. I do care if jobs grow, economy grows, education, health improves, the homicide and criminality rating goes down, terrorism goes down and so on. If he can do that, which he is on the good way, he can be the biggest narcissist in the world l wouldn't give a blessed hoot.

  • I bet Trump is impotent.

  • Being a GOOD MAN is now something to ridicule. Well, you wicked lot your plagues have been already dispatched to you.When you open your taps and the blood runs out you will know why, but before the sea turns into blood and rivers have no fresh water you will be covered in horrible boils.GOD is sending 7 plagues to you.You will beg God to end your life but he will let you suffer.
    Your hearts are totally incurable.Off for the garbage tip.The sooner you remove president who was put there by GOD the sooner your hell will come to you.It's almost here.


  • Trump is not my president. Millions feel this way. Why isn't he impeached or forced to resign?

  • You could also debate that Hillary is a sociopath? Who knows? Please look up here background.

  • We ALL KNOW trump is MENTALLY ILL, my question is: Why has he NOT been impeached yet? AND I AM A REPUBLICAN!! CALL CONRESS!! REMIND THEM WHO IS IN CHARGE!!,We The People!!!


  • The Liberals will never recover from the trauma of the election of Donald Trump. Very sad.

  • What is wrong with being a narcissist, if you're happy that way. He's no t killing anyone or something, actually he won too, so there is nothing wrong with it

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