Psychologist Geoffrey Miller: Marketing Lessons From Virtue Signaling

Psychologist Geoffrey Miller: Marketing Lessons From Virtue Signaling

Virtue signaling is often thrown around as a dismissive insult, especially on social media. But psychologist Geoffrey Miller thinks marketers can benefit from analyzing how their messaging appeals to consumers’ moral values.

Apple has earned billions of dollars in brand equity through, in part, shrewd virtue signaling. In this video from L2’s recent Consumer Behavior clinic, Miller offers advice on how other brands can do the same.

Geoffrey Miller teaches evolutionary psychology and human sexuality and does research on mate choice, sexual selection, intelligence, creativity, art, music, personality, psychopathology, consumer behavior, and behavior genetics. His books include The Mating Mind: How Sexual Choice Shape the Evolution of Human Nature (2000), Mating Intelligence: Sex, Relationships and the Mind’s Reproductive System (co-edited with Glen Geher, 2008), and Spent: Sex, Evolution, and Consumer Behavior (2009). He is associate professor of psychology at University of New Mexico.


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  • It first glance, Geoffrey strikes me as brilliant. I'll be googling his name a bit.

  • Any guy who writes a book claiming to know "what women want" is incredibly worrisome and kinda relates to what he's talking about.

    Hard to believe his message (his brand, his virtue signal) because of it.

    Not gonna write him off yet but definitely makes me wonder.

  • Thank you

  • Homeboy just said that using a reusable bag doesn't make a bit of difference. He looks like the kind of guy that would say that. Turning this video off now.

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