“Psychologist” Creepypasta

“Psychologist” Creepypasta

As soon as I saw this story it had to be done. Such a very good Creepy Pasta!


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July 13, 2013 / 21 Comments / by / in
  • Think of the sounds as Jello.

  • Too many plotholes.

    Boring Story.

    Terrible grasp if subject matter by writer.

    Took him years just to describe the friends corpse.

    Probably worst Creepypasta I've ever read.

    Creeps on the other hand Top Job on the narration as always keep it up!

  • There are more holes in this story than fucking Swiss cheese

  • If you're at 35:50 go to 37:08 so you do here the smashing of the head, it's horrible.

  • Creeps: I could still feel the maggots, crawling all over me

  • Did this guy ever call the cops?

  • "I used big words that nobody could really comprehend"
    Me to the point where kids in my class actually think I'm smart.

  • Oooooookkk no more sound effects for you your grounded😂😂😂😂 good that was so good

  • These sounds were the scariest to me

  • The sound effects were wayyyy over-enunciated and overused. By the end I just wanted to chop wood and eat watermelon.

  • Why is he gardening in just a normal shirt if it was a cold march and there was snow on the street?

  • 2 years cut. Off and that's teenage me

  • 14:13 Ouch, Mah Shoulder

  • If you think that ass was fat, you must have flat spots on your eyes by now.

  • actually creept me out

  • At first i thought this would another view from the one about the psychologist who repeated the russian sleep expirment on a patient in a house. But as soon as it said "sitting up in the chair" ik it wasnt. As in that story he lays his head down and dies in his sleep

  • You're telling me 6 years have gone buy and the bank never wondered where the mortgage payments where and even if it had been fully paid of the town never forgets about their taxes due. Another note if you let a house go to shit the town will give you tickets for unkempt house and if you ignore it the cops come to serve you. Plus security camera's powered and following him with pan/tilt/zoom? The power would have been cut off years ago and no battery back-up lasts that long.

    Also it's now illegal for you to use sound effects.

  • Holy shit this was a good one

  • So brutal❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤😍😍❤❤

  • Love it!!! I don't normally comment but i loved this

  • happy wheels much?

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