“Psychologist” (Creepypasta) Ft. MrCreepyPasta

“Psychologist” (Creepypasta) Ft. MrCreepyPasta

Woo, this video took way too long to make, but Mr. Creepypasta was good in it. 😛 I had to reword a lot of stuff too, hope I did a decent job!

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  • Love it.

  • Oh, I remember this one. Great narration as always, but the story is shit. Cheap use of child abuse and unbelievable circumstances all along.

  • Should I read "Lord of the Flies"?
    Should I watch "Walking Dead"?
    Naw, better lock my family in a room for three years LOL!

  • "Yeah? Well you're gay!" That had ne rolling

  • LOVED that story! Captivating narration, too! Thanks so much for your efforts, I'm sure many of us appreciate it! 😘👏👌💕

  • how can there be maggots and pools of blood on long dead corpses. brought me out of suspension of disbelief.

  • Dude don't fuckin pause so long please

  • 1 problem with this story, wouldn't Emily's parents or Stephens parents have tried to contact them multiple times and after a while call the police and report them missing?

  • Towards the end when the lady yells, "it's not natural for a human being to self harm", it made me think of that as a real question. Because I think one could argue that it is perfectly natural for a person to do things that harm themselves.

  • That god damn loud ass chef advert frighted the life out of me…. Joey something another, fuck right off.

  • I'm sorry I'm at the beginning. But man, quit bragging lol

  • Holy shit the first three minutes sound like me and my sis but she's 2 years younger

  • This sounds like Patton Oswalt reads a spooky story

  • I really loved the suspense from the story and it's always a pleasure listing to Creepypastas in the dark while you try to fall asleep, the ending was a bit odd for me though in my opinion.. When the character said he could still feel the maggots crawling over him it got me thinking…
    Had Steven set this all up for his best friend?
    Just a hypothesis of mine but this really got me thinking of more stuff inconsideration.. Maybe it was a flip and such..


  • The thing that bothers me about this is the last tape was in the box with the rest of the tapes, yet Steve shot himself when it was still recording. How did it get out of the recording equipment and in the box?
    Good story other than that.

  • "Ft. Mrcreepypasta"
    Am I missing something? I didn't hear him in this at all. Good narrative on your part though Spooks

  • Lol when you hear a positive line: Okay, good, nice, where's the catch? where's the asterisk? This is a creepypasta. where's the if and or but?

  • PV

    Why wouldn't you call the police straight upon finding bodies?

  • I love sports and also listen to rock and heavy metal

  • Damn. Could have gone through life without hearing this.

  • that's fucked up!!! awesome 🙂

  • "yard was covered in snow"
    "neighbor was gardening"
    lmao whut

  • 46:24 Ope there goes gravity

  • I can hear you swallow hard in between sentences sometimes. Not that it's a demeanor to your performance, but it's somehow fitting for that nervous energy typically expected from the ever-apprehensive protagonist narrating a creepypasta. I like that.

  • this was fukhing sick.the story is amazing as always but
    the thing is these stuff happen in real life.fukhed up shit.I really hope god went easy on him😉
    although as soon as u said he loved to be a psychologist,I knew exactly that the Steven was gonna do some dark shit.and at the house,I was sure he did something to his wife.not children though.thats just fukhed up.

  • This is one of my favorite readings from you

  • Yeah. Chill, dude. It's gonna be ok. Lol. My God!!! A plain white room!!! The horror!!!. Lol. Good times….

  • Day your mother

  • That's why you need to keep in touch with friends. Maybe if he did, that wouldn't have happened.


  • This one still gives me goosebumps, because unlike all the slender man's, Jeff the killers, Ben drowns and those make believe creepypastas, this one is one that could have happened, making it all the more insidious

  • Honestly, very inconsistant story, and the effects of living in isolated is unrealistic, this one was disappointment on all aspects of the story telling

  • So many adds……..

  • That was the most disturbing pasta I have ever listened too.

  • I still go through your old stories to reminisce how I fell for your adaptation or narration or is it the passion in you that I fell for well here I am still listening to all new and old videos.. love ya ❤️❤️❤️
    Yours truly, Red💋

  • "Psychology". "Psychology". Psssssyyyyychologyyyyy. If any word has been forever tainted by this guy, it would be this. He's a disgrace to the science and art that is psychology. I may not be a licensed psychologist, but I know more about what it's meant for than this fuckface. It's meant to HELP people and to gain a better understanding of them and oneself, at least in my opinion. Locking your wife and kids in a room with cameras and observing how they act when given only bread and water for long periods of time is NOT psychology. I think I know what he was trying to get at: all humans are animals, but until put in the right situations, they constantly deny it. Maybe humans are animals, but what is the biggest difference between humans and animals? Humans. Feel. REMORSE. Most animals will kill one of their own and not bat an eye, but the average human being tries to avoid killing, and is usually horrified if they witness or cause a death. Do you hear me, Stephen? Your experiment was a failure before it even started. Why? Because it was being performed by an animal.

  • 7:09 call me a bleeding heart liberal but why the fuck would they do that to begin with?

  • Why does seeing dead bodies terrify average people soo much??? I mean, they are dead… They cant hurt you… Maybe all my hours listening to stories like this has desensitized me to morbidness such as this.

  • Yummy

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