Psychological Trauma / PTSD Resilience

Psychological Trauma / PTSD Resilience

Trauma – Preventing & treating psychological trauma – PTSD resilience (prevention and bouncing back) psychology of trauma Preventing trauma (resilience training) and managing trauma such as PTSD and recovery with Mark Walsh from Achilles. Practical techniques for preventing and treating psychological trauma are given.

PRE – resilience
educate yourself in this area to remove stigma and misunderstanding – watching this so I won’t bang on
keep good physical health and social support generally. We are as strong as our relationships
build self-awareness through meditation and embodied practices such as sports done mindfully, yoga or martial arts. Awareness of and the ability to manage body, mind and emotions helps
Stricture of meaning and spirituality also useful

POST – Immediate Aftermath

 Safety and Wellbeing
 Move and Release
 Process and Connect 
Get safe first, look after basic physical needs

move if you can – may want to shake – learn TRE to assist this if you can – walking swimming, light exercise useful

supportive touch
talk about (if you want to) or write it down to help process to longer-term memory

we also recommend 1-1 confidential diffusing with someone IF people would like this, not mandatory group debriefing, This is based on empathy with some psychological reframing

Should you developed GAD, PTSD, anger issues or other problems related to trauma try:

CBT and EMDR – NICE approved
EFT, somatic approaches and animal assisted
reach out, no shame in physical wounds or illness so no shame in psychological ones

Thanks to Roger Miles, James Clifton

This video includes the “embodied” approach. The embodied work practiced by Mark Walsh and Integration Training is based upon a number of disciplines such as aikido, meditation, body therapy and dance. It is strongly influenced by teachers such as Dr Richard Strozzi-Heckler and the Strozzi Institute (, Paul Linden (, Wendy Palmer ( and Dylan Newcomb ( These people are all masters in the field.


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  • this video is full of crappy

  • crappy?

  • …..well clearly …..we only have trauma because we are sharing the world with….. UN-LIKED MINDED people !…..

  • sorry, I don't follow?

  • Hi mark,……I was just pointing out the fact, that rather then just focusing on the cure,……i'd like to see some action tackling the cause! =) …….do u follow now?

  • ah OK, that makes sense – what do you see is the cause? Do you mean things like war and abuse? In which case I fully agree!

  • yes!…..disagreement and misunderstanding ARE the causes for war and abuse…………..but this is the obvious outcome in a society fundamentally lacking a COLLECTIVE consciousness that universally recognises and implements the necessary divide between good and evil. =)

  • Just experienced my first earthquake (in Western China). This is a focused and positive video which will help me in the weeks ahead. I will also post it on my city's foreigner community news website – I'm sure others will find it useful. Thank you Mark.

  • thank you Kate, stay safe xxx

  • would love to know more about the program about resilience with people in post trauma. I have done some of that in Colombia….

  • Achilles is mostly pre trauma training but many of the same things apply post

  • Comprehensive presentation on trauma – thank you!

    I tried to catch the shaking method you mention: TRE? ITI? Would you please spell the name of the method? Thanks…

  • yes -TRE – David Berchelli

  • this is a great video, practical useful advice/info, EMDR is great!! 

  • Not looking directly into the camera is traumatizing because eye contact is the #1 human trust builder. Military/police specifically trained not to look you in the eye and it is a form of exhibiting psychological abuse.

  • from age 6-13, I was sexually, emotionally, physically & mentally abused daily. then, I was raped on 4 other separate occasions, by strangers, instead of 5 family members, like when I was younger. I self medicated for 12 yrs. suicide attempts, numb inside, an empty shell of a person who lost my innocence. before anyone judges, teases, mocks or does anything other than help us, realize 1 thing. I never deserved that. nobody does. being tormented by lies and rumors and nobody asking if I was ok, just made fun of and raped more, that was hell enough. understand this, if u never went through anything like this, thank God, but u never know the invisible scars I have. you couldn't take 5 minutes in my head, nevermind a mile in my shoes. if u won't help, don't make it worse. have a sense of empathy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Having recently been recognised as suffering with PTSD – I was unaware that it could be caused by an abusive relationship – 14 years in it, 1 year out of it and BANG something went off in me – I'm finding it hard to explain to people that I'm not 'choosing' to feel like this.  The 'just let it go' attitude seems to be firmly lodged n a lot of people's  mindset.  This is one of the most informative – and not boring lol – videos I have watched… and with insomnia I watch a lot 🙂   Thank you for sharing.  I understand you are directed toward pre trauma but the information still applies post, so once again.  Thank you 🙂

  • Complex-PTSD!!!

  • Thank you for putting the word Trauma into it's rightful place in this world.
    A comprehensive book about Trauma therapy is the book 'The body keeps
    the score' from Bessel van de Kolk. Many of your suggestion are similar
    to what he describes. Based on extended research and many years of
    experience he says, that CBT is not and/or little effective.

  • harry potters brother

  • I live in a brexit warzone.

  • I don't like this. I love it!!! Having gone through counseling and therapy myself has helped me see life from a different angle. I'm in a good place and healing everyday. I now have empathy for those that need help but deny they need it. The whole world needs counselling and therapy (especially those who think they don't neednit) if we are to live in a happier better world.

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