psychological test – Love test

psychological test – Love test



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  • i don't like to make commitments because i m likely to cheap? 😕 damn you test..

  • very true😍

  • wow
    im totaly impressed

  • 1) B (sheep) with D (horse) close second,
    2) C (horse),
    3) C (crocodiles),
    4) D (bird),
    5) A (human) with B (pig) close second,
    6) C (polar bear),
    7) D (pigeon),

  • D. B. D. C. A. B. B.

  • Naw man I love the idea of marriage, I just think polar bears are cute.

  • The only one where they really hit the nail on the head with [for me] was # 6. I selected "c". But they would have been right about me if I had selected "a" also.

    Correction: They described me well on # 7 also when they explained what people who had selected "a" felt.

  • Everything here is so true oh my Godness I am shook


  • i loved it it was all true

  • B C D all got 2 marks

  • bs

  • 1) D
    2) A
    3) B

  • I didn't get this!

  • bullshit

  • I chose the bird in the trapped in an island part because I thought it would be cool to have a parrot or a cockatoo. I know this is just made up, but hell no I won't cheat… That's freakin' awful, I love my senpai very much and I am willing to do everything for him

  • And I do appreciate love. I can't just throw it away, if anyone loved me I'll be clingy as all hell

  • dbcdabd

  • Absolute crap, completely wrong on all counts.

  • i picked aabdaab I AM ASEXUAL, YOU LIED TO ME XD

  • Thinking about it now, I guess marriage IS precious? But like, I don't want to have babies and I don't care if I'm not married.

  • this is so accurate

  • i really shocked becoz i think maine jo choose kiya sare ans.mere liye he the jaise

  • good but so fast we can't decide in a moment so I dislike the thumbnail.but anyway good

  • Omg this was so accurate

  • so true ……❤❤❤

  • It's all about me amazing

  • very accurate 😱

  • Hello,. That's a great video. Can I use this info in my lesson?I'll put your youtube link there too.Thank you

  • waoooo its amazing

  • Totally!!👍👍👍👍

  • witchcraft man

  • No music no like.

  • 1️⃣Horse

  • I chose the bird that says I will probably cheat, I chose the bird because if it can talk it will fly when I am stranded and tell someone

  • and yessss,m that perfect guy yaar😋😎

  • Darmmm true

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