Psychological test – Emotion test

Psychological test – Emotion test



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  • I got 4……

  • I don't understand this… o_o
    4 NO, I got 6… and 4 YES, I got 8….so….where am I actually?

  • I got 25

  • 23😀

  • I got 20.

  • 2 I hate emotions. My opinion is that they make you weak. And utterly useless.

  • 25

  • I scored 17

  • I mean.. I like being hugged by people, but kissed I can do without unless it's my SO

  • I have no trouble showing anger or happiness. It's just sadness that I don't show. I hate crying in front of people, and showing that I'm sad. I feel like it's a sign of weakness. I know how a lot of guys feel about that. I'm a girl and I hate showing that I have emotion lmao

  • 11 1/2.. the half is the hugging and kissing question. I like hugs but don't like kisses unless it's my SO

  • Being cancer, I hide in my shell.

  • 18.. it's really good to know that my emotions is a healthy one..

  • I got 12 … Am I human? ….

  • i got 15 but… Everyone says it looks like i feel nothing. Apparently I am emotionless but i guess it makes sense because if something is funny enough or i have a good day my emotions show a little more.

  • I disagree – showing people yourself crying is a weakness . I must maintain my respect from elders and peers

  • I'm a dumb dumb, how does one figure out their analysis??? I'm so confused.

  • 5 points. whoops.

  • Overall I think this test was great and that it had some good questions, however I personally think that you do need to work on the part where you are telling the results – I personally am not afraid to show my emotions, and I dont think anyone, no matter what gender should feel that they have to hide them in the first place. However, the results I had told me that I needed to smile more and express my emotions. apart from this it was a great test 🙂

  • 4/7 :((

  • I got 18. IRL I'm like a 5.

  • I got 17 exactly lol

  • loved it! very good! my score is 24!

  • Exactly 7 points

  • 28

  • This is more like the ''emotional bitch'' test.

  • I got 12

  • I got a 4… Greeeaattt

  • I got score 10, which means that i don't feel very comfortable with showing my emotions. But in reality i am more of the type who has 7 or less score, for i don't show my emotions at all, i think showing any emotion in public is a sign of weakness, even happiness. And i always try to keep a stiff upper lip, as the British are said to do (i live in London). Not only that, i would even go as far as say, that having any emotions at all is a sign of weakness, even without displaying them! (if i remember correctly, this opinion might remind one of the novel "hard times", from Charles dickens, if you read it). But of course as long as what influences your decisions in life, is your intelligent mind, and not your emotions, you should be fine. On the question, if i would try to hold back my tears at a funeral, i of courses answered yes, but the truth is that i probably wouldn't need to hold back any tears, because i wouldn't feel nearly enough sadness to prompt me to cry, even for the demise of my closest relatives or friends, not necessarily because i don't love them enough, for even if i myself died (or went through some other suffering, i think), i wouldn't feel sad enough to cry about my own death!

    By the way, why so silent? Why don't you make some background music for the video?

  • Is anyone gonna have psychological test next week?

  • Law Enforcement Psychological Evaluation Preparation (PEPtalk)

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