Psychological test 10

Psychological test 10



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  • I imagined I was in the house of ted bundy(idk I just did)
    I imagined there was flesh.and skin and bones sticked up on the walls
    I thought of a closet and when I opened it there was a body that was decapitated hanging from the ceiling of the closet
    There was than a box and there was the head of the body

  • I saw a pitch black room while laying down on a table…..I saw one person who was really close

  • I was in a dark stone wall room with a metal bed in the corner, then on the beach I was alone, the beach was deserted

  • A dim boxed off area surrounded by old objects and paintings with little light, feeling confused.
    D, D.

  • This is such bullshit. I pictured a cozy apartment flooded by warming sunlight but my childhood wasn't that great. Also, who wouldn't want to stay in there??
    And the second question only appealed to memories of days at the beach…

  • ofcourse i wanna go out i wanna find out why the fuck i was in that room

  • Ummmm my room was a dark dirty prison cell….yaaa….and i somehow did not want to leave it… For the sea no one was around me..the whole place deserted…welp officialy the most depressing person ever to exist…GREAAAT

  • I wake up in a white colored walls room with a old dusty couch that is gray and no TV but a really old dollhouse and dolls everywhere and the floor has brown carpet I would to stay in the room it looks nice and creepy but still pretty

  • oh and the room makes me feel like a little girl in the 50s playing with her dolls what does this mean?

  • for the second question I see a few dozen

  • and the beach is deserted and I am alone but feel like I am with people what does this mean?

  • I had never been to a room like that but it felt like I had been there what does this mean?

  • my room had a normal amount of furniture

  • I wanted to stay in the room it made me feel like a little girl a very young one

  • So i answered two with noone, honestly i shouldnt be surprised at the response i got

  • i put a blank room but i remember allot of my childhood

  • my room was well lit, light colored furniture. just basics like a bed a dresser with scattered clothes. mostly white clothes. my beach only had 1-2 people off in the distance

  • very accurate

  • its true

  • 1. The room is empty for the most part. It is brightly white and is made out of cement. The only furniture is a mat on the floor for sitting and a small coffee table(both white) There is also one beautiful painting that consists of a boat and a beautiful sunset. It is in front of the coffee table hanging on the wall. The room has a sad aura around it and I most definitely want to get out.
    2. The beach has a few dozen people. All talking amongst each other. It looks like a boardwalk but without any shops or bars. The people are not far and are walking around.

    *Sorry! Just typed on comments because I didn't have a piece of paper!!

  • test like this I would always fail because I don't believe in imaginations or pretending and besides it's more easier actually experiencing it rather giving a fake made up answer or give an answer that you may regret in a long run

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