Psychological Mind Reading Experiment: Manipulation Revealed (Reactance Theory, Psychology)

Psychological Mind Reading Experiment: Manipulation Revealed (Reactance Theory, Psychology)

“Tidy up your room!” – “Not now …”
“You’ll never make it.” – “I will prove to you …”

We do not like it when someone tells us what we can do and what we cannot do. If we fear a restriction of our freedom, we often respond with reactance.
But are there ways to avoid reactant behaviour? In the studies of Gueguen & Pascual (2000, 2006) a “magic formula” yielded promising results…

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  • Loved this informative video

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  • Uhhh… I chose king of hearts!! YOUR WRONG!!!

  • I chose the 7 of clubs

  • So down the road in the lives are they more compliant in society?  

  • How do we know the driver was irritated? They could've had any number of reasons for taking longer, anxiety for example, seems very likely.

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  • you explained exactly the way i thought, i'm impressed

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  • You're wrong i took one diamond

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  • So You played the manipulation game you knew that king and middle could be most likely to be chosen cause of the factor of being in center and being a different Image … yes most were choosing this two now you rolled the dice saying"Most of you are predictable" ….now this was a challenge to most … what they did they changed the image so that you get wrong… out of 5 image three were 3 and now apply the psychology of Center you get 4.
    You are a Manipulator ,but I knew this so I chose King itself I has this in my mind so I was listening to whatever you were saying and I assumed that you would do so ……..So I win….
    cause this VDO is all about Manipulation .

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