Psychological Hack To Get Rich – How To Get Rich

Psychological Hack To Get Rich – How To Get Rich

How much money you need to be financially secure, independent, or free? you name it!
Just take a guess, you donโ€™t have accurate or logical. Is it $1 million? $5 million? $500 million?
If you are like most people, that number probably feels pretty big. right? it might even seem impossible to achieve, but thats the amount of money you think you need to be financially free.

and thats where the problem lies, we set financial goals way much bigger than we need or can possible achieve. do you really think that you need 500 Million dollars or even a hundred million dollar to be financial free?
when you look at all other successful people. You compare yourself to them, you are trying to set a goal to achieve more than what they have achieved.
But the problem is, that amount seems so big that is hard for your brain to believe in it. Its more likely to stay like a dream. Thats why the more realistic your goal is the more likely your brain to comprehend and that will increase your chances of achieving it.
The video explains how all that works, so Enjoy!

The video is based on the book – Money Master The Game by Tony Robins

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  • It turns out that you don't need so much money to have the kind of lifestyle that you dream about. Remember, the more realistic your goal is, the higher are the chances you will achieve it!

  • 2nd

  • 3rd ๐Ÿ˜€

  • yahya why youre using white color ,, its really hard to see since the screen is white as well

  • I am happy just with paying down debt and building up my savings for now and be able to live normally. if I become rich that will be seen in the future. I am not a ambitious person to become a millionaire if it happens it happens.

  • how do you make your video,
    i mean which software you use ? Tnx

  • How to get rich ask for money ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  • Hey proactive (ismonoff ๐Ÿ˜‰ ) at 0:50 you have a typo, i think you meant "lack of money" not "luck of money". anyway, love your videos keep up the great work ๐Ÿ™‚

  • You're doing a great job bro. .. Please keep doing. … Thank you

  • I would think 5,000,000 seems right for me
    I live in NYC and I realize how important it is to be financially free

  • U saying too much useless/repetitive sentences. Phrasing are different but the meaning is the same for many sentences. If u avoid that, i would have been able to spend less mins on the video

  • Lack of money or luck??

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  • i would say making half a mill a year would be perfect and realistic for the lifestyle that i want! and ill be making 100 as a paramedic so i would also believe its realistic to reach

  • I would need a good 5-10+million to live comfortably (Urban/big city life, multiple businesses/projects, impressive stock portfolio, philanthropic cause, travel crazy, luxury shopping, care-free glamourous life!) I'm working my ass off to get that! Wish me luck!

  • 3.5 million….it is realistic…

  • what's the formulae to calculate the cost of the 'dream'

  • My goal is 100 dollars. I say that's more realistic.


  • the problem is most people are in dept and dont make any profit at all. Most of today milionares are were they are because of cumulation of money over many generations. In europe the comunism erase the line of family wealth and biznises. Im am one of the lucky ones that dont need to take mortgage to have a home.

    I earn around 700eur and save 400eur so i spent only 40%. Most of my friends earn more but have less because they need to pay for mortgage and are envy of my financial freedom.

  • What mclaren costs $100K? What luxury car at all costs $100K. These are tips for living an extremely average middle class lifestyle. It's more realistic, however, the title is quite misleading.

  • This is like a one-to-one copy from Tony Robbins book money master the game

  • quarter million ($250,000)read it in a book about gambler's and one said $250,000 would be enough to retire on as long as you got other sources of income, I'm going to be OK in my retirement, also reduce debt (credit cards) its like getting a real pay raise not one of those 2-3% cola increases if your lucky to get one, 'too sweet' is out!

  • luck of money

  • 10 million. The only way I see if getting that much is if I win it but who knows maybe I'll get lucky. What I really want is to be able to help my children to become more financially sound and myself to have a decent retirement and otherwise I also want to help other people so I really do need a lot of money to do all the goals I want. And I've not traveled anywhere much either so it'd be nice to do that, to get a nice house for myself and a car. I'm not asking for a bunch of things but I am wanting security and to have somewhat of a decent life which really hasn't been the case till now. And yeah I've worked hard all my life but working hard doesn't make you rich, only working smarter does.
    I didn't have the tools to become rich like some people have. But I'm still trying.

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