Psychological Hack To Get Rich – How To Get Rich

Psychological Hack To Get Rich – How To Get Rich

How much money you need to be financially secure, independent, or free? you name it!
Just take a guess, you don’t have accurate or logical. Is it $1 million? $5 million? $500 million?
If you are like most people, that number probably feels pretty big. right? it might even seem impossible to achieve, but thats the amount of money you think you need to be financially free.

and thats where the problem lies, we set financial goals way much bigger than we need or can possible achieve. do you really think that you need 500 Million dollars or even a hundred million dollar to be financial free?
when you look at all other successful people. You compare yourself to them, you are trying to set a goal to achieve more than what they have achieved.
But the problem is, that amount seems so big that is hard for your brain to believe in it. Its more likely to stay like a dream. Thats why the more realistic your goal is the more likely your brain to comprehend and that will increase your chances of achieving it.
The video explains how all that works, so Enjoy!

The video is based on the book – Money Master The Game by Tony Robins

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