psychological experiment

psychological experiment

psychological experiment


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  • We learned alot about this in English. It's called Mob psychology

  • @dAlvarez3182 i totally agree and i was thinking that same thing

  • @kikicreamify Damn it, Mel Gibson, I thought we deactivated your account

  • i hate that shit…people who are indifferent and don't do anything to help a situation is just plain retarded and ignorant..makes me want to strangle them.. i am not a follower and i never cared what other people was thinking or doing if i knew it was wrong i would do something about it..not be a dumbass like most people are in this world

  • hahaha all too easy to believe.

  • Eh this is common sense, it's usually like this. You need a leader, someone to step up.

    Some people are naturally born leaders and some followers. Natural born leaders always take things into their hands, no matter what the other sheep say

  • @dAlvarez3182 That's a good thought, but I don't think that relates to the bystander effect. Rather, I think it has to do with the fact that children learn what is good and bad from their parents. An experiment was done where a baby was placed so that he/she could watch the mother. Someone would then walk up to the mother and try to give her a red flower. The mother (who is not the subject) reacted as if the flower was scary. Later when the baby was given a red flower he/she reacted the same way

  • @h4xx0r84 Yeah, it does not always have to be bad though. We can act good by taking our cues from those around us.

  • @woodyfly i don't think it's about leadership, i always help people in those kind of situations – a guy fell off his bike and hit his head and no one went to help, but me, then others came too. teenagers making racist remarks at an old muslim guy, again no one but me said anything to them!

    i'm not a leader nor a follower, but i am antisocial, introverted and bad at seeing social cues, but i'm not shy and don't care much what other people think about me.

  • @jdhf983y4uhu i just remembered i helped a girl who had been raped too, late at night in london, no one else asked her what was wrong with her! i'm not a leader, i just don't care what people think about me in social situations. it's not always good because i have embarrassed family members many times by not realising things i shouldn't say lol

  • I would like to see a percentage of those who still checked to see if the guy was ok.

  • Not giving a Fuck at all situations is also and option.

  • theres cases of people being murdered in the plain sight of huge groups of bystanders and not one person willl think to call the police or even try to assist them in any way. SHEEEP

  • I have noticed the same thing in daily conversations. People will agree or conform with a subject based on the vibe that the rest of the group gives, even if they would normally disagree and vice versa.

  • Fascinating experiment! Definitely makes me think. 🙂

  • reminds me to the behaviour of the most people regarding 9/11 .. oh, accepted statesman say that this was this and that way, well then it was this and that way, of course.

  • @dAlvarez3182 no

  • Kitty Genovese, that is all.

  • This is bullshit. According to this no-one would ever react to anything when in a group since someone has to act first.

  • @TimdeJong This video simply points out that people tend to conform. Conformity is calming and often makes one feel safe, whereas individuality and breaking free of the whole often makes one feel vulnerable and isolated. Your interpretation of the video as bulshit and theory that no one will ever react to antying in a group demonstrates an extreme lack of rational and critical thinking.

  • @spongemonkey72 No. I´m saying the experiment is false. I´m saying it depends on the individual in a group taking charge or showing care. Saying people will simply not respond to impulses from outside the group when other members of that group do not is just naive. It´s oversimplifying the situation. Group conformity is something proven long ago in real studies.

  • @TimdeJong The video clearly states that the experiment was repeated multiple times. Of course there will be variables. But if you listen the narrator uses language such as "the majority of people" and "often". Of course people react differently. But as a whole people tended to conform.

  • The bystander effect doesn't exist. The reality is, no one ever wants to help. You just have to when fewer people are around or you're made to be the giant dick that didn't do anything.

    This is called the, "Crap, I have to help someone or look like a huge ass" effect.

    When the subject looks around he sees that no one else gives a damn either and sighs a breath of relief that he is no longer responsible and can go back to playing tetris.

  • @webtruth105 What you described is a REASON for the bystander effect. You just gave another explanation for it.

  • @webtruth105 Not necessarily. When the test subject hears the man falling he took interest in it, as if he was ready to act- he even put his hands on the arm rest and almost got up. However when he noticed how the two other individuals didn't respond he went back to what he was doing before. I'm pretty sure he was either intimidated- so he was scared to act by himself- or else he figured the person falling was a planned or normal event and the others knew this and therefore he didn't act.

  • @ArmyCBTENGR Exactly. he didn't give a crap.

  • Not only was this video fake, everyone knows about diffusion of responsibility at least these actor could of done is make some kind of facial expression that a normal personal would of made such as concern or responsiveness to the noise at least.

  • @PREPAREFORTHEKING this isn't your tax money at work….. this test was probably done by a university. not a government owned lab

  • Interesting observation.

  • love the video really good

  • This is the bystander effect.

  • This is true. I was a passenger on a train with maybe 10 passengers in my carriage. A lady in a wheelchair using a metal ramp to board the train went over its edge and the wheelchair tipped over and she came out. It made a large crash and she squeeled as she got thrown out of the chair. I remember sitting there facing everyone else; no one got up to help, they looked around or raised their heads to sticky beak but the group majority seemed to endorse the response.

  • We're just animals, aren't we…

  • this is the sad part of humanity

  • Aside from the simple fact that we posses the self control to stop our negative thought patterns, psychology has its roots in 100% solid evil. To treat "hysteria", a made up disease with a "symptom" of not wanting to have sex, a disease which does not "exist" anymore, doctor's actually invented the dildo and caused forced over stimulation orgasms in married women. Psychology is not science. It has been responsible for thousands of deaths through experimental lobotomy. Please Research.

  • well this tape is real

  • At the beginning, it says "re-enactment."

  • subject 1 was female, subject 2 was male. Did they take that into account?

  • Interesting

  • it's in our biology: before language; if we didn't conform, we would've been some tiger's prey. Simple, not evil

  • Yeah a man falling off a 5 foot ladder deeply saddens me too.

    They should try something more gripping, there has been plenty of times where someone would fall and I wouldn't even bother because it's not like they fell off a bridge.

  • Those are some big ass monitors. Oregon Trail?

  • In the background you hear Nelson Muntz yell out "Ha Ha".

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  • Keep in mind, the most important thing to most people is personal convenience.  That's why they park in handicapped spots, ignore common courtesies, and can be incredibly inconsiderate.

  • Its not convenience at all…. Its simply that most people look for others to tell them what to think and act. Once your conscious of peoples subconscious it is quite straight forward. People with an inner core confidence don't rely on group think, and vice versa. The reason people tend to help when alone is simply because people won't be taking direction from anyone else, therefore responsibility becomes personal

  • Is this an re-enactment of an experiment by Darly and Latané or by Clarke and Word?

  • Hence, people are easily manipulated by their environment.

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