Psychological Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #28

Psychological Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #28

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In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank takes a look at how the treatment for Psychological Disorders has changed over the last hundred years and who is responsible for getting us on the path to getting us here.

Table of Contents:

Defining Psychological Disorders 00:10:09
Perspectives on Mental Illness 03:16:10
Diagnosing Disorders with the DSM 07:09:09
DSM is Constantly Evolving 07:42:12

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August 25, 2014 / 38 Comments / by / in
  • Shout out to Iowa City!

  • I know there was a Crash Course video quickly talking about BPD but I would absolutely love if there could be a full video on that matter… Please ? Anyway awesome videos, thanks a lot. 💌

  • I like how some of the videos bring up studies I've covered in AICE Psychology. It makes it much easier to study!

  • Reali

  • Everyone wanna have ADHD

  • Many peoples minds are still not reaching that far. They still see the sun rise, rather than see the Earth rotate. They see objects moving at different speeds, even though all objects that exist within Space-Time are constantly moving at just one speed. All that can be done is change the direction of which objects travel within that Space-Time 4D environment. Thus many/most people simply can not see the truth, nor do they have any interest in doing so.

    They think that they are seeing the truth despite this not being the actual case, thus they are experiencing ongoing daily
    Psychological Disorders. In turn, those who do see the truth, are regarded as being delusional, because they are still a minority.

  • Does anyone here not take psych but just love learning about ti

  • Online Gaming Distorter? WTF…
    I don't even…
    What's next: MEME DISORDER…

  • Do a video on PTSD

  • The DSM is now on its 6th generation

  • Wait, can I have that hank screaming as my ring tone?

  • Please do an episode on Autism. i would love an episode on just Asberghers and then one on just general Autism because Asberghers is NOT like other forms of Autism. why people like me are under the same umbrella as people who can't even walk or talk sometimes confused me. this is low functioning autism, mine is high but it can be more severe too

  • Why do you look familiar???

  • The thumbnail image is in poor taste, in my opinion. The torture of mentally ill people shouldn't be taken lightly.

  • I can't speak for over-diagnoses, but I agree that labels do make you vulnerable to judgement from others who don't understand. The thing is, they also validate your experiences: you're not alone, there are people like you who've survived and lived with what you're dealing with, and there is help available to you! Labels are certainly powerful, and I think their benefit outweighs the potential judgement.

  • its actually very easy to fake yourself out of a mental Hostpital. They don't care if you still have issues, if you're safe for 72 hrs they don't care.

  • A lot of my diagnosis was based on 1. brain scan and 2. how I reacted to social and traumatic situations basically through relaying my experiences to the psychiatric team, doctors over the years..

  • im autistic and one of my special interests is psychological disorders. these videos are incredible and teach me a lot and your voice is one of my audio stims….thanks dude

  • Anybody need someone to take their online college classes for them, I'm of service

  • what kind of mental disorder does a person have who goes to the moon or mars?

  • You had a cup now its a light bulb fish has been movied to o.O why change the cup to the lightbulb looking thing

  • Dsm is a book of garbage if homosexuality has been removed . ha. Talk about elites controlling the society from everywhere corner

  • Can someone explain the table of contents?
    The video is only ten minutes long.
    Why does the table say its like over 8 hours? Am I missing 98% of the video? What?

  • Hi Hank, I gave CPTSD and I would love for you to do a segment on trauma and how it manifests. I have some useful insights I would be happy to offer if you like.

  • Can you make like two videos JUST on ADHD? There is much updated information that there was in 2004

  • When classes start back Monday so you watch crash course videos so you feel like you're one step ahead.

  • I don't remember this series but I'm sure I watched it cause I watch all crash course series-es, but ima rewatch this series anyway.

  • Oh Rosenhan, you sly dog.

  • study of mind has less attention in my country

  • study of mind has less attention in my country. when i go to a psychologist he said I'm hyperactive and he dismissed our conversation….

  • Who ever classified homosexuality as a disease was a fuckinc bigot! They knew that it was just a preference, but they lied anyway! Cause, with common sense, how does liking this sex over the other have anything to do with disease. Did they show any psychologically dangerous behaviors! No! It's obvious! Where did disease even get mixed up with preference. It was just an insult!

  • Physiology videos go by fast while this psychology video seems so long for him to finish 😪

  • Rosenhan you sly dog, you.

  • This literally blew my mind. Just goes to show how far we have to go with understanding mental illnesses.

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  • tied down animated Hank is going to give me nightmares for the rest of my life

  • internet gaming disorder haha wtf

  • What about people who don't do anything but sit and smoke all day?

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