Psychological Behavior of the Great White Shark (720p)

Psychological Behavior of the Great White Shark (720p)

This HD documentary explains the natural behavior of Great White sharks and others by studying the biological and behavioral evolution
of sharks.


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  • These shark attack documentary's are fucking bullshit my bro has swam with a great white for 5 mins and he's in the living room now hmmm also 7 to 10 deaths each year is a good bet so I think sharks are innocent so fuck off if u want to make sharks extinct

  • How come the shark chew in a ginger guy? Yuck gingers…

  • Do these countries not have lakes or safe places to swim. I Love Sharks and respect them enough not to swim while they are there!

  • Thing is though.

    If you guys get attacked by a great white shark.
    Boast all the fuck you want. Not many people live to tell the tale.

  • Lie purple amazing leader turn aim.

  • Motherfuckers don't swim

  • "Sharks. They only bite if you touch their private parts."

  • If you prance about in the sharks domain you run the risk of being attacked. It couldn't be any simpler. We humans have spent the past hundred years shitting all over the oceans to the detriment of these amazing creatures, amongst every other living entity in the sea. The sudden appearance of Great Whites so close to shore is very probably due to a serious food chain imbalance created by man. Prance about in the water if you like, but don't demonise these beautiful, essential predators if they nibble your toes.

  • the sharks are attracted to people . They sharks are smart by now they know mankind's weakness "I want the beach I want surfing " those are the words that keeps on circulating in their stupid brains then a sudden attack happens by a great white shark. sharks enjoy human flesh. Business ppl will do what they can to keep on making business and put a fake documentary on. Face the facts you cannot stop a shark attack.

  • Man, I'd beat shit out of one of those sharks. Sharks: You don't impress me. All you have is a big ass mouth. Mess with me i'll punch you in eyeball, you can't punch back you have no hands.

  • Nice to see Perth-based scientists getting some recognition! In the 1960s my Dad was learning to swim off a beach at Fremantle. He recalls standing in 5ft of water and put his head underneath the waves, when he opened his eyes he said: "I saw this thing of the shape and size as the front of a boat come up to me and then turn away." Terrified he got the he'll out and never again went back into the water. He was pretty sure he was buzzed by a big great white!

  • 3:59 Did the shark molest this guy??

  • basically stay out of their waters

  • animals are strong nature is strong

  • Hiding with a gun to shot an animal is like someone who is talking behind your back and later stabbing you with a knife!

  • the great white sharks are so stupid…😂😂

  • sharks hunt pic out a target …seal or humans…doesnt make any diffrence ..

  • if your in the water….u are prey…waste deep

  • Any creature that is a danger to people needs to go. Sharks are one of them. They make good animal food. It's only fair to eat them. They eat us.

  • @ 22.45 your scars are awesomely beautiful and unique

  • Fuck swimming near seals..

  • Here we go again…eco system crap tactics…fuck sharks kill all.

  • If white sharks lived in Palestine where isreal is occupying now..the jews would have hunted all white sharks to extinctions.. and that for once fine by me…

  • What if that surkboard was shoulder neck head of a human do you think shark would let got??? Kill bite is a kill bite…am not fucking sientist. But I can assure you I can fucking work that fiels from my self taught years…intrests..and commen sense..
    I say white shark are wild and have an instinct to feed to survive and breed…any thing else is food if meets the needs ..
    The eyes and same like of the big cats they see good..and must be protecred at bite impact…small clue.

  • Ok. This is nuts. A shark is a predator. It eats what it can. In the case of the Great White, it CAN eat almost anything. Only an idiot would actually psychoanalyze a Predatory Fish. It changes nothing for the people who get in water With a hungry Apex
    Predator. That being said. Great video Quality!

  • who is watching now?

  • Ayeee all my Perth brothers say cuuuuuunt

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