Psycho-social Evaluation & Threat Risk Assessment (PETRA)

Psycho-social Evaluation & Threat Risk Assessment (PETRA)

Psycho-social Evaluation & Threat Risk Assessment (PETRA)


Name Psychosocial Evaluation & Threat Risk Assessment (PETRA)
Purpose To assess psychosocial symptomatology and risk of violence threat among adolescents
Population 11 to 18 years

The PETRA provides four domain scores, eight cluster scores, two response style indicators, eight critical items and PETRA Threat Assessment Matrix.

Time 10-15 minutes
Author Jay Schneller, PhD
Publisher Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc.

PETRA is a 60 Item Self Report instrument designed for use with adolescents who exhibit threatening behavior, primarily in educational settings. Critical items identify known threat risk factors.Further it analyze the context of psychosocial, ecological, and coping/resiliency factors to assist in the identification, assessment, intervention and treatment planning, and behavioral management of adolescents who pose a risk of targeted violence toward others.


The four domain scores (Psychosocial, Resiliency Problems, Ecological, Total), eight cluster scores (Depressed Mood, Alienation, Egocentricism, Aggression, Family/Home, School, Stress, Coping Problems), two response style indicators (Inconsistency, Social Desirability), and eight critical items. Also included is the PETRA Threat Assessment Matrix, which is used to classify the content of a threat as low, medium, or high risk based on the information gleaned from the threat itself.Conversion tables for the domains, clusters, and Response Style Indicators are grouped by age and gender in the appendix tables of the Professional Manual to assist the clinician in obtaining Tscores, percentiles, and 90% confidence intervals from an individual’s raw scores.

Reliability Internal consistency for the PETRA domains ranged from .66-.90 indicating moderate to high:  Age(.66-.82), Race (.65-.84) ,Gender (.70-.81) and Total (.84-90)

Test-retest: cluster correlations .79 to .85 over a period of 7 to 10 days


PETRA demonstrated Convergent and discriminant validity via expected correlation with the Adolescent & Child Urgent Threat Evaluation (ACUTE), Behavior Assessment System for Children Self-Report of Personality (BASC-SRP); the Achenbach System of Empirically Based Assessment, Child Behavior Checklist (CBCL); the Clinical Assessment of Depression (CAD); the Children’s Depression Inventory (CDI); and the Suicidal Ideation Questionnaire (SIQ).

Criterion-related validity demonstrated among (a) Out patient psychiatric group ( n = 29) to demographically-matched sample (b) Full time SED (n=60) and their general education peers.


PETRA was normed, standardised, and validated with males and females ages 11-18 years that were representative of a wide range of racial/ethnic backgrounds, and urban, suburban, and rural communities (N = 1,770).

Suggested Uses PETRA is recommended for educational, clinical, and research settings.
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