Psychiatrist vs Psychologist! What is the difference?

Psychiatrist vs Psychologist! What is the difference?

Psychiatrists vs Psychologists What is the difference?

Psychologist vs Psychiatrist – What’s the Difference:
A psychologist and a psychiatrist are often confused as having the same meaning. While both study the brain, emotions, feelings and thoughts, there is a distinct difference between the two fields of study. The primary differences between the two fields is mainly the education requirements, the specific training and practice.
A psychiatrist has a degree in medicine and a psychologist has a doctoral-level degree in psychology.

Although there are differences in the two fields, psychiatrists and psychologists often work together in the treatment of patients. A psychologist is not able to write prescriptions, but may recommended a patient be seen by a fellow psychiatrist in order to receive medications. And vice versa for psychiatrists, they often refer patients to fellow psychotherapists and psychologist to receive counseling and/or mental health therapy. A psychiatrist is concerned with the patients well-being, however, their focus is primarily towards disorders such as a chemical imbalance, whereas a psychologist primary focus is on the patients thoughts, feelings and general mental health.

One possible advantage of seeing a psychiatrist is that, as a medical doctor, he or she has the knowledge and training to evaluate underlying medical problems or drug effects that could cause emotional or behavioral symptoms. Psychiatrists can also work more readily with your primary care doctor or other specialists.
For serious kinds of mental health problems, such as major depression, bipolar disorder, or schizophrenia, where physical symptoms may be severe and it may be hard to take basic care of yourself, psychiatrists generally have more formal training and treatment options available.

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