Psychiatrist vs Psychologist (Mental Health Guru)

Psychiatrist vs Psychologist (Mental Health Guru)

A psychiatrist is concerned with prescribing medication for mental illnesses, while a psychologist provides therapy only. Learn more about psychology doctors.


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  • This guy uses too much hand motion

  • @cokas22 I'm a Psychiatrist and I too approve this video, though they do forget to mention another difference, which is that psychologists can’t spell!

  • nobody requires psychiatric medication.

  • 1) Some PSYCHOLOGISTS are trained in psychological testing, too.

    2) Some PSYCHOLOGISTS ara nurse practictioners or Physican Assistants (or medical doctors are well–although this is rare. In these rare cases, they, too, can prescribe medication.

  • @neil865 You can tell by the fact that they are using an accent symbol as an apostrophe, and simply because their profile says they are Portuguese that they are foreign.

  • @dannynovacain No that is where you're wrong. My mum is a psychiatrist and she doesn't just hand out medication on the spot to "cleanse the sick mind". There is a lot more to it. The fact that you need to spend four years in Medical School THEN specialize in Psychiatry would be enough to prove that there is a lot more to what a Psychiatrist does than what your cynical opinion states. Hence Psychiatrists having to study more, and therefore being more qualified than a Psychologist. There you go

  • ◘◘◘What is the difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist?◘◘◘

    If you say to a psychiatrist "I hate my mother," he will ask "Why do you say that?" while a psychologist will say "Thank you for sharing that with us."

  • @dannynovacain where I live the local physiologist have struck a deal with the local family doctors. Now if someone comes in for something a simple as insomnia with no other mental illness they are refereed to the local "medicine man". It's all racket, before they'll even see you they make you go threw hours of financial paperwork then they'll take you to the back to tell you they can't help you, because all you need is an ambien and they cannot write prescriptions, they're not medical doctors.

  • Psychiatrist seems like a higher qualifacation, does it pay better???

  • Of course! Psychiatrists have to go through medical school.

  • I am now terrified of psychiatrists.

  • psychiatrists are INSANE!!!

  • i feel like your not a psycologist, simply becuz of the face you made…

  • They typically do not conduct therapy thought there are a few that do. In some states, psychologists can be granted the ability to prescribe psychotropic drugs if they have a post doctoral masters degree(or an equivalent) in psychopharmacology

  • though*

  • Go to a psychologist first, psychiatrists make a lot of mistakes

  • what do you mean by that psychologist can't spell?

  • It was simply a reply based on the fact the person writing that he’s a Psychologist made spelling mistakes.

  • Sorry, the reply I just sent you was intended for someone else.

  • You're being biased because you're mother was a psychiatrist. Psychologists typically train 8+ years focusing on diagnosing, testing, and therapy. A psychiatrist spends 8+ years focusing on the medical aspect of psycho-pharmacology, which includes assessment and diagnostics. What does this mean, it means one person is extremely more competent to prescribe medication while the other is extremely more competent to correctly diagnose, especially in situations of co-morbidity.

  • APA and AMA both state that appropriate treatment should include both psychotherapy and medication. In a lot instances, medication isn't necessary. In other instances, the problem is so much a chemical issue that psychotherapy isn't enough. There's problems on both sides, bad diagnosis, over prescribing, leaching on patients too long for $. Also psychiatrists make about $240,000+ and psychologists earn about $65,000+

  • wow emotions and mental illness good diagnosis.

  • Oh…..

  • Si

  • Thanks a lot Sir.
    My test was perfect

  • Foreign Medical Graduates (FMGs) comprise large portion of psychiatrists as most domestically trained MDs go into better paid specialties that are also more medical… So you have, in psychiatrists, a large population of individuals who are in the field by default/because they couldn't get other specialty… This makes many ( not all) psychiatrists be indifferent towards their patients and often insecure among their colleagues from other specialties who are "real doctors"… This also explains psychiatry's love affair with anything that resembles more scientific or "medical" treatment (e.g., ECT) no matter how ill advised or ineffective the treatment is…

  • Once this man asserts Psychiatrists study "the science of emotional and mental disorders", then one has to naturally ask:"So in other words, they're hanging out with their friends, right?(since there is no science to speak of associated with such studies).

  • great explanation

  • I wanna know that to become a physiologist I have to choose medical stream

  • i doubt so. more and more mental illness is on the rise why????? to stay employed.

  • Parents have to learn how to make the Mind, body and soul pure and holy.

  • Guyyyyyyyssss serious question, If I do a psychologist degree and want to do psychiatry how many MORE years of education will I need, If I do them separate? Is it really going to hit me where it hurts time wise?

  • Psychologists are great but psychiatrists are evil

  • w w

    as long as psychologists don't step into mental illness treatment (not trained to) like a lot do, they're fine. however alot mislead by using thier phd doctorate title as a medical title.

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