[PSYC200] 1. What is Psychology?

[PSYC200] 1. What is Psychology?

Dr. Chris Grace introduces his class to the topic of psychology. With various examples, he explains what sort of human behaviors psychology is interested in studying. Dr. Grace has his class contribute with examples from their own experience.

View the full class here: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVHY3HvnI6yMIotukmARTlrCk2q8RXCHg


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  • Thanks Prof. I really love the way you lecture along with your accent. your lecture was explicit, and well comprehended.

  • wonderful!!!!!!

  • Even though I'm "atheist i really like this guy, and am really interested in psychology. can't wait to get further into the videos.

  • stop talking about Jesus and being saved,this is a psychology lesson not a church gathering.

  • psychology it's the course i wanna take someday.

  • It's a stupid field full of unproven guesses that allow mentally retarded people to make good money. You can't read people's minds and most mental disorder symptoms can be explained by anything besides the disorder itself. That's the truth and if you don't like it then you can suck frued's cock.

  • I graduated in Psychology from then Biola College in 1973, Having studied under Dr. Phil Sutherland and others. I came out of Biola with the firm conviction that is was for the most part nonsense. What is Psychology? The words means "study of the soul", an attempt to know the mind through observing the exterior and inducing it's contents and motivations in the outward appearances. Basically, it is a competing religion, full of assumptions based originally on humanist thought. Other than medical pathology, it really is no better and probably quite a bit worse than seeking a wise elder in your gathering for counsel.

    One of the major observations I made going through the courses was that those who seek psychological training are themselves trying understand their own person by watching others. To those who want to study psychology I say, don't do as I did and waste your time. Be broken by God into a good tool of His and find your peace in His service.

  • eh why bring religion into it…?

  • the video keeps cutting off makes the watching it impossible unfortunately

  • I find it funny when religious people take psychology then argue that it is a rival to organize religion and how it's useless compared to God's word. Mostly because after taking said course they realize the co dependent delusions they had and get upset when they are told their feelings for something greater is most likely a weakness they didn't think they had.. lack of self confidence. Fear of being out of control not knowing . Common fears we all have but instead on working on them they cry. God made me this way, why fix it. Telling people to remain in pain and internal suffering and damaging friends and family's lives, is ludicrous. Then tell them putting Faith in a fairytale to solve their issues is like telling a.child with cancer you don't need treatment just ..wish upon a star. Or blow out birthday candles and make a wish. It's.easier to hide behind the phrase it's out of my hands. No responsibility no accountability for your own behaviors. Oh the.devil made do it but Jesus forgave me. Is the.greatest mental disorder affecting our species. Psychology is the study of the mind don't add your superstition into it because it dis credits your personal delusions.. keep medicine.and religion separate I don't go to a church for a broken leg don't go to psychology with a.broken theory on the universe composed of conflicting stories written in dead languages that no one can prove who the.claimed written really was. Special when the oldest bible has almost 15,000 conflicting differences with today's bible's. As well as historical proof most of the stories where taken in by slave camps who mingled with different cultures and meshed their beliefs. The story of Jesus was.told 5 times by different cultures as far back as 3000yrs before Christ. I'll take a.science with proven evidence and proven results over a mass delusional scapegoat

  • I thought he was great until he started going into religion and how he found Jesus.

  • I am not sure this so called university has a scientific and knowledge Agenda rather than a religious preaching one.Poor kids will struggle after graduating I hope churches are hiring psychologists.

  • did the percentage of people who didn't leave from the smoking room increase because there was more people in the experiment?

  • The suggest is great but his speech is like he is talking to a 5 years old.

  • Just looked through all his lecture video names on Youtube. Not a single one is about evolutionary psychology. And he often says "God made us this way" in his videos. I wonder if he is using evolution in his studies? Kinda need to know about evolutionary psychology if you want to understand modern psychology.

  • Here is the documentary about the eyewitness who mistook an innocent guy as her attacker:

  • I lost interest when he bring up religion.

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