Professor Griff- Jamele Hill and The Self Preservation Psychology

Professor Griff- Jamele Hill and The Self Preservation Psychology

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  • I dont blame Jemele Hill,u have 2 wrk and a lot of people dont seem 2 understand that.When u sign a contract u honor it.If its ur own platform and u wrk 4 urself then u have freedom.

  • The love of money is evil because a person would do anything for it not just survive

  • We need nature to survive, money made us forget that…. money enslaved us all, an on top of that its made out of cotton ,look it up … smh wow we so far gone we start justifying money (Stockholm syndrome) no offense Griff ,money is the modern day slave master, not 1 animal on the earth needs money to survive smdh wake up

  • that song knocks

  • why the feminists, (oh, excuse me) women of espn like michelle beadle, michele tafoya, bonnie bernstein, linda cohn, suzy kolber, wendi nix, rachel nichols, sage steele, michelle steele, cari champion, etc… didn't defend nor come to their "sister's" (jemele hill) aid against the "tyranny of executive men (many are caucasian) who calls the shots" at ESPN/ABC???

  • I need the song in the beginning brother Rich

  • Also bro rich it's crazy how we all know we been lied to then once the facts an lies come to light like flat earth,an this ancient American thing all of a sudden all these "scholars " get cognitive dissonance …all this does is keep ppl sleep so these" plat forms" can get paid OR views an such SMH the truth is all I seek f**k ppl feelings!!

  • I like the intro beat but I don't like the song. Idk why. I don't skip past it though. Lol

  • I'm hatched……!!!! I loved it when it was just a beat…but the words mean so much

  • Support black businesses

  • @11:00 mark professor Griff you definitely correct! It's the love of money, never money.

  • She did what she had to do to continue doing what she does….Proff Griff truth being told…Bro Rich (YG&B) Stay strong…ASE'

  • If you have to apologize for speaking truth to maintain your well being then you aint no "god"

  • BRO.RIICH🙏👽🍄

  • Jamele Hill step out of line and now she begging for a seat back at masters table. She's lost her dignity and pride just so she could eat and sleep well.

  • You by yourself on this one Griff.
    She volunteered to say that she deserved to be punished for speaking the truth when she didn't have to. It wasn't a condition of her keeping her job like she had to make a public apology. All she had to do was to stay quiet and go back to work but she took it upon herself invalidate her entire message for no gain. I'm not going to co-sign this coonery.

  • just came in the house.. about to kick back, fire up that fire stick and watch this good interview… I already know it's going to be good.

  • if we raise money for black people in these situations like the racist white community does when a cop is suspended for killing a black person. then maybe Ms. Hill wouldn't have been so quick to give in


  • What does Brother Rich look like?

  • These groups should happen every day in different parts of the country. And they should be SMALL groups. Sooner the better.

  • I'm confused??????
    Some of y'all in the comment section givin Jemele Hill Queen Status?????

    But what did she really do though……Im just askin why?

  • We some messed up people thinking that we are free but can't share our voice (experience or opinion) for a common cause. All in have to say is be careful of the job you choose because you become a "puppet" and stand for nothing but a bunch of mess (words that don't mean.) Good Luck to her, Happy to be just … 🙌

  • Jemele Hill is a bitch.Thank goodness I didn't support that bitch.

  • …..weak.

  • who's rapping in the beginning?

  • so-called blk feminists like jemele hill are "stromtroopers of caucasian feminist empire". gloria steinem is the "empress & darth moeder (female version of vader) of feminist dark side", that gives orders to her peons like maya angelhoe, dorthy pittman hughes (the demon dog who posed with the CIA agent steinem doing the blk 👊 salute in the 70's), mary francis berry, michelle wallace (author of 'blk macho myth & superwoman', that steinem "allegedly" ghost-written) and had coretta scott king come over to "the dark side" for a spell. now u have "4th wave of blk feminist stromtroopers" like jamilah lemieux & amber philips (ms. pac-man), who are buffoons, auntie tom toms/mamies, loud, tasteless, classless, clueless, boastful liarsl, saboteurs, & defamers of nat parker's character & his biopic film 'birth of a nation' in the name of "feminist dark side"!!!

  • Where can I get the opening song?😲💥💣

  • Intro song??? Where can I find this music?

  • Fuck that man bashing coon, pussy sucking bitch.Am being nice.

  • The only bashing Jemele Hill is allowed to do is of the black man

  • he right about​the Mayweather thing. never carry over $20 in cash

  • But they are corporations. They are invested in by people who want and like to see them. Which is what entertainers don't understand. Not saying their supposed to b slaves, but people do invest in their talents whole heartedly.

  • Entertainers have grown emboldened by their success. If I'm reaponsible for u having wealth, the right thing for u to do is take a few to give me attention. Like Griff say though their not supposed to jump through every hoop, but a lil time will not hurt u when so many invest in u

  • The world is a stage and the people in the limelight are actors!!

  • I need that song tho!!! Stop playn and post the shyt fucka

  • Shahrazad Ali would ask, are you stlll a slave. HaHa!!

  • Man the bottom line is Black People do not and or are not a body politic, we have no policy put in place that protects us as a minority group of people, that would dare challenge the dominant society to treat as if we are a dominant people, that's why this shit happened to Jamelle Hill, and this is exactly why she conceded and said she deserved to be suspended which inadverdently suggests that she is admitting to doing something wrong. The Bitch went on twitter and said this, if it wasnt a twitter account in walt disney's or espn's name, WHAT THE HELL DID SHE DO WRONG? The bitch should have enough money to tell espn to kiss her black ass… BUT SHE DON'T BECAUSE ALL WE DO WHEN WE GET INTO POSITION IS TRY TO LIVE PARALLEL TO THE DOMINANT WHITE SOCIETY, WHICH KEEPS US NEEDING THEIR JOBS OR SYSTEM IN WHICH TO WORK WITHIN… POINT BLANK PERIOD… FUCK OUTTA HERE…

  • Fake Janet Jackson

  • I'm trying to get the full vision of that song rich! But an album together!

  • money is a form of energy. we must, again, tap back into the virtue of "balance." without the balance, things are seriously "out of order."

  • "B-Boy Revolution" by Beace

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