Preparing for a Police Psychological Interview

Preparing for a Police Psychological Interview

If you have been notified of a proposed PSYCHOLOGICAL DISQUALIFICATION, or if you don’t wish to be, we can help! Robert B. Kronenberg, Esq. Tel. (631) 234-4434


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  • As someone who works in this area, this advice is useful, but very general and applicable to hiring and personnel selection in a multitude of positions, not only a law enforcement officer. Of course, be sharp, dress clean and professional, do not get defensive. Viewers should note the presenter only spoke to NY state, county and city laws and regulations. These can and do vary from your State and city.

  • Hey, Mr. Lerner, I’ve got a question about social history of applicants. I am currently working in public safety, and I’m in very good standing at my job. Law enforcement has increased in appeal to me as perhaps the ultimate way to serve the community, and I’m feeling a powerful draw towards becoming a cop. However, in my early twenties I experimented with drug use. This was over 10 years ago now and I never had an addiction. I have never been arrested for anything, and have never even received a speeding ticket. I am a family man, volunteer often, and live a clean life. I don’t even drink alcohol.

    All that being said, will brief experimentation with marijuana, cocaine, and heroine (no needles) many years ago disqualify me from consideration in the hiring process? In reading police applicant qualifications, I’ve seen standards such as not having been convicted of driving under the influence, drug convictions, or domestic violence convictions. Under those criteria, my drug experimentation years ago seems very mild. Have you ever come across this situation and hired the applicant?

    And to anyone that feels that I have weak moral fiber due to these transgressions, I assure you I know myself well, and hold myself to a higher standard than anyone else I know. I’d argue that knowing the world is not black and white and seeing different sides of life could make a cop more effective.

  • Let's try

  • Let's try

  • Tase the interviewer, and plant a gun on him if he's black. Then you are promoted to lieutenant.

  • Thanks for giving candidates an idea of what to expect. Very good point about showing anger–I laughed when you said if you can't handle the stress of an interview you're probably not cut out to be a police officer, because it's obvious and yet I can visualize many interviewers having to say it.

  • Thank you, Captain.

  • is this like a polygraph test?

  • Thank you so much for posting this; it was very informative. I will definitely keep all of your advice in mind.

  • Wait a minute, you have to be sane to be a police officer? I guess that might explain why so many ~vigilantes~ end up in the penitentiaries.

  • This video was very helpful.I appreciate it

  • this is fucking crazy on some law and order type shit dog

  • This psych test is all bullshit I've been there. They either like you are they don't. If the psych test was effective then why are there so many unstable cops on the force? Why are correction officers sleeping with inmates and bringing contraband in the prison? Can anyone answer my question?

  • noice

  • This is bullshit. Your dressing for society's standards of what they think is appropriate attire and shaking somebody's hand all old bullshit that really proves nothing. But oh well still gotta keep up the tradition…However his last few points were exceptional and I found very useful. Great for seeing if somebody has a clear head and is confident

  • I think the key here is… if you find any information in this video helpful you shouldn't join the police force.

  • lol hoodie n sweat pants hopefully i get the job still

  • Thanks for the advice!

  • fuck I failed that part. I got emotional about losing guys in war. I didn't cry I was shookened. I showed that part.

  • Hey I have one quick question. Should you be clean shaven for this psych test?

  • What if I fail the poly but manage to pass written ability and background test? Do I still have a chance?

  • Thank you. The video was direct and to the point

  • The advice given by you Sir are great to follow in many types of jobs! Very good and excellent. Thanks for providing it.

  • Thank you Sir.

  • thank you sir

  • Why is he yelling?

  • Helloooooo Guys 😉

  • I'm sorry but this advice is a bit absurd and contradictory to some education on interviewing methods and sociology in general, which is a baseline for interviews. Maybe it's a New York thing.

  • Good advice.

  • Why did he get so passionate when he started talking about the proper attire?

  • I have a question. Why hasn't the NYPD been sued over their age limit yet? Other major PD's LAPD, DC Metro, Miami, Phoenix, Chicago, NONE have age limits. Why does NYPD get away with it?

  • I am destined to become the finest prison governor known to humanity. There is no interviewer who will prevent me from reaching this goal. even if it means a life termination in the interview room.

  • "Sanitation"??
    0:15 Its hard to think picking the right guy to pick up garbage can be compared to picking the right person to be a cop or firefighter.

  • We need to have more test for future PO's and CO's like if they get annoyed,angry or nervous easily then they are not good fits because cops have to be able to tolerate a lot in order to do the job they're supposed to be doing. They should also have to all get masters degrees, be paid a lot more and have IQ's over 190 to 210.

  • It sounds like he is talking more about the oral interview

  • I love this guy!


  • I went into my interview wearing shorts and a Hawaiian shirt, and the first thing I did was tell the interviewer what a load of horse shit the whole thing was. He also looked at me strange when I put my feet on his desk. As far as I know, I passed because I'm now a training officer.

  • Wow this is powerful I am going to use your great advice thanks so much.

  • This is bullshit. They hire gangster, gangbangers and drug addicts.
    Also they prefer womanizer, drinkers and those with kids. Somehow they reason all those 3 characteristics will make you a good cop.
    But in the news on a daily basis, we find those womanizers, drinkers, mom's and dad's are committing crimes like domestic abuse, killing their kids. Etc

  • Is it just me or was watching this video intense to anyone else?

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