Prepare for Psychological Test

Prepare for Psychological Test Brief overview of test questions and how the are analyzed.


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  • Why is everyone fucking this?

  • Fuck this indeed. Yeah, let's use a standardized test loaded into a webpage to gauge how well a person can perform some menial task for $12/hr. Are you serious? FUCK.
    and fuck these tests. 

  • I am tottally fucking this

  • This is BS, F-this

  • Really people….how immature….this guy does know what he is talking about….maybe you can't get a job because you're not open-minded.

  • I wonder if people maybe are angered with this video because it shows you have to lie about who you are to get a job. And then if you get the job after choosing answers to match, you may not be suitable for the job as you lied on the test (unless the job requires a lot of lying – politics etc, then you will do just fine). 28 likes and 26 dislikes – this is an indicator of how many people are happy to accept this lie.

  • Fuck this fucking fuckery

  • These tests are largely to stop law suits.  If standardized tests are given to all then they can point to why they did or did not hire someone.  Don't like it stop stupid law suits

  • I was just 2 steps away from my Police job, psycho and poly…

  • Fuck this right in the pussy

  • How should I answer if it's a teaching job? Plus they ask me to draw a picture I can't pass them how do I do it?

  • Foolishness

  • Read a book during a vacation? Yes can do that but why waste the money and the time to travel so far? I don;t know I thought it's the objective of travel; visit places and meet new people. And if that is my objective then I am focus on achieving what I want and not eget distracted with reading, or shopping. Just my thought

  • Phsychogical tests are stupid to many variables.

  • "Orientated"??? Or did you mean to say "oriented"

  • I was instructed to bring 4 long white bond paper and a pencil with eraser. What kind of neuro-psych evaluation I might take up?

  • what? fuck this

  • Fuck this

  • Fuck this with a sandpaper condom

  • Bullshit

  • I've done assessments like this with 2 different companies.. The 1st company I failed because I was honest as possible because they told me to be honest. The 2nd one I passed because I basically acted as if I was some super positive go getter, said I liked hobbies I really had no interest in and stuck to that mentality through the assessment. Basically stick to the personality you start out with in the beginning and you win.
    Yes I like TV, taking naps, porn and hate work but I'm actually a good employee because I need money. Being at work is an act for most people, we actually hate it. So yes everybody is just bullshitting their way through these assessments and tests to get the job. Why these companies think they're fooling smart people? I don't know. You can have a lazy bum at home that does great things at work.

  • This guy makes me wanna poop.

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