Police Psychological Assessment Test

Police Psychological Assessment Test

http://www.PolicePrep.com video on what to expect during the Police Psychological Assessment process. Police recruiters typically use the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) test in addition to speaking with a psychologist to assess your candidacy.


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  • I was given 3 of these tests. The MMPI test. I thought it was horrible. I cried the whole time. I wish I had seen your clip before I took it. "Do you like Magazines about Sports Cars?" Do you like you mother better than your father and Do you like you Father better than your Mother? These questions were very hard for me, and I didn't even break the law.

  • also the thing about the MMPI is the questions repeat themselves but are worded differently thing that sucks is they dont repeat till you get a couple hundred questions in they you got to go back find the question and answer it the same way at least thats what i did

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  • I would like to study to become a police officer but i am very nervous about the physilogical exam only because i tend to overthink things if i fail can i try at another police station or will i never be allowed to become an officer

  • If you fail it once does it mean you will never be able to become a police officer

  • I'm currently a police studies student who is highly concerned about the psychological aspect of the application process. I'm not concerned about failing the psychological assessment, but I was diagnosed with MDD, OCD, ADHD, and Tourette's when I was 8, and was on a variety of medications in my childhood.

    I have since gotten my diagnosis rescinded and have a well respected psychologist who is willing to sign any waivers and vouch for me in any way necessary. Put bluntly, am I screwed? Thanks.

  • Really?

  • I failed the psych test for the City of Chicago. I mage it all the way to the end of the process; they sent a detective to my home to investigate me. At the end, they sent me a letter stating they "deem me psychologically unsuited at this time, but encourage me to apply again in the future." This was very strange and difficult for me to accept. Now, 4 years latter, I am reapplying.

  • @4mattmiller good question.

  • @wtopp23 wow thats insane bro wish u luck..i am also going to become a law enforecement..

  • Thats the problem with these psych tests. TONS of LEO's with bad attitudes DONT answer these questions truthfully inorder to save their jobs. None of them want to admit to having a problem. Thats why we have a huge problem in this country involving LEO's who taser soccer mom's, kids, the elderly, shooting the family dog, and beating anyone who dares to stand up against them with a video camera.

  • @DarkRebel7575 Remember that guy back in school who used to shake you down for your lunch money, beat you or others if you tried standing up to him, and always wanted to know what you had inside your bag? Remeber that guy? Yeah. Well, he needed a job to.

  • The biggest problem with the police force in Australia and i found out that this was in every state is that its easier to bring in police from other countrys than it is to train up new recruits i did all the paper work the fitness test the interview and they said that they were very impressed but what they didnt tell me was that i would have to go in to a pool for new recruits and it cold be up to 4 years for me to find out if i was going in to the academy.

  • if a question asks "do you hear voices?" …yes/no… of course i hear voices..cus when people talk, they have a voice..but i bet psychologists see it as more of "he's crazy, because he hears voices"…everyone who isn't deaf hears a voice..damn..these tests are retarded

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  • haha .. im not a cop but serve the public. and alot not all, of the public are a bunch of shitheads.. people dont know,

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  • @diggyu take youre black ass back to your section 8 apartment abuse medical, slang sum weed and cry when a cop shoots you for mouthing off… because people like you give black folks a bad name. oh and take a shower cuz im sure you smell like cocoa butter weed ass n grease filthy motherfucker.

  • The MMPI2 is used to test individuals who are false accused by the Police. Attacks on families are done demanding this test be carried out by an incompetent TEAM MEMBER. CROOKED psychologists react to evidence team requests. Alberta psychologists use what is called the honesty correction ( asking questions about childhood :Did you ever take a candy without asking? Then correcting your answer regarding theft on the sociopathy scale.) + a requested profile. Sections "MISSING" create the profile.

  • @AnneFox7 In Alberta the head of Forensic Assessment and Community Services Edmonton ( CADSKY) refused to LIE so they ran him out of town.Crown Prosecutors office supplied undercover task force among his peers advised. The criminal incompetence= Harvey Cenaiko Attorney General UNDERCOVER Calgary Police officer presiding over twenty-five years of MC Gang murder and mayhem without an arrest. Confidential Informants= Mrs. Kravetz & under covers= Fort MacMurray Hooker with an attitude.

  • A written personality test? I would have hoped that the psychological heath of cops would be better examined and monitored. Especially for a profession that seems to naturally appeal to sadists and psychopaths.

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  • Will the psychologist come to me in prison if Im still serving time?

  • i just found out i failed our countys psych test. i guess they dont want to hire honest deputies…

  • You could have had a bad day when taking it. Seriously, You will probably pass the 2nd time around with the same guy. I'm sure you're fine. After working in Chicago a few years, maybe not so much!!

  • A lot of psychologists will over react to drinking. Even if you like to go out once a week and tie one on, you do not say that. They will peg you an alcoholic. I know guys that hardly go out, but when they do, they go over what is referred to as binge drinking and are classified alcoholics or potential alcoholics even though none of them can afford to go out more than once a month with having families and house payments.

  • I've been doing assessment on NovoPsych for iPad. Great app. Designed for psychologists.

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  • You are clearly an idiot. They show up after the incident….of course they do, what, are they suppose to be prophetic??

  • Your test does not work-look at all of the psychopaths that work as police and regularly shoot down the mentally ill

  • In a room full of Roberts, who's the Head Bob? Bob is. You're an idiot.

  • Just took mine, I didn't pass unfortunately, and answered all the questions 100% truthfully. No point in being dishonest when the career you're wanting to achieve is all about serving the people of your community with an honest attitude.

  • Also remember this is not your doctor, you don't pay him, the city you tested for is paying him to "weed out" who he can. Do not tell him anything negative in your life at all. I was told by a police officer to "tell them what they want to hear and to sound as psychologically able as possible for the job to always lean on the side of safety and non-violence" That's how I passed the psych for the PD.

  • haha I was tripped out by the kaskade intro, i thought another youtube video was playing on another tab

  • they look for officers who test with high aggression & lack of sensitivity…that is the definition of a sociopath in a nutshell!

  • I think the most important questions are, were you bullied as a child/adult. also do you take a oath to harass the public and to make as much money as you can for the city your employed with…… answer all three with a yes and the job is yours.

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  • Wow…very INTERESTING.
    I wonder if somebody who failed at the apathy/ empathy questions or test could still be a Cop.
    Can you imagine a Cop with MAJOR apathy and insecurities issues?
    But heee….you know if you have connections you will always past any psychology test.
    Even if you still stalked your ex girlfriend after 20 years.

  • thanks man, im going through college at the moment related to the public and i want to be specified police officer

  • What's this officer's name?

  • do you dress casual for this?

  • my friend failed the test for the chp.. his perfectly fine.. had a great childhood and went to college… it he was profile as social incompetent and lack of social skills any one who might have an opinion why he failed

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