PNTV: Toward a Psychology of Being by Abraham Maslow

PNTV: Toward a Psychology of Being by Abraham Maslow

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Here are 5 of my favorite Big Ideas from “Toward a Psychology of Being” by Abraham Maslow. Hope you enjoy!

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  • Thank you Brian for putting togheter all these superb videos and notes. I missed them when you had a break and now everything is even better with you speaking next to the blackboard. 🙂 You inspire me to do something similar.
    Thanks again for all the knowledge:)

  • I couldn't check in on your channel for the last week as I've been busy; looks like you've been busy to Brian!
    You're on fire knocking out the philosophers notes.

    Keep up the good work, it's very much appreciated!

  • Love RECORDS! This is WHY you always do your best. You're keeping a record about how you feel about yourself. You can tell more about yourself by your actions (embodiment) than what you think or say. It's what you do that tells you your feeling self worth. This doing is with a sense of honor and it's own reward. Not out of angst or not good enough type motivation. Thanks Brian, you rock! 

  • you are rocking me with these notes brian, thank you for putting it out there and telling your story, it's starting to have a really positive impact on me, and i am pulling up from a long dive. thanks again!

  • I think Cloe Madanes, a renown psychologist and family therapist, has a more simpler and practical idea on how to live. To be happy and fulfill, she says that there are 6 human needs that must be met:

    1. Certainty–the need to be comfortable: food, shelter, clothing, etc.
    2. Variety–the need of doing different things; variety is the spice of life
    3. Love–the need of emotional connection w/ another person or pet
    4. Significance–the need to feel special or important
    5. Growth–the need of expansion of capacity, ability, or understanding
    6. Contribution–the need to help others such as volunteering (in other words, the need of the human spirit)

  • Brian,
    Great job, excellent commitment,watching your videos has a profound Impact on my life, I stumbled across your videos about a month ago and now I am motived and engaged in my life and "getting it done" I am so grateful,
    Many thanks
    Norm Rodgers

  • Brian
    You are a rock star. I have been uplifted and edified by your work. Thank you thank you thank you.

  • You should make an app with these philosopher's notes! That would be awesome, people can just pay monthly for a membership and get it all in one app.

  • There are three areas that resonated with me.  Records.  I must be present in everything I do, thereby creating "Mindsight".  All of it.  When perform my fundamentals (prayer, bible study, meditation, visualization, affirmations, physical training, brainwave training, sound nutrition, and ten hours of quality sleep), my most challenging days are better managed.  Capacities.  I must share my gifts and talents with the world, in a manner of unconditional love.
    Guru Johnson, you are the man!  Keep on keeping on!  Great video!

  • I studied Maslow during University years and it was a great teacher for me. Personal growth is one of my first priorities in my life. The biggest idea for me today is "The ego that keeps us in the game". Once I realized that ego is not the bad guy, I experienced a great level of relief but the greatest thing of all was the forgiveness toward myself!

  • Another great lunch, another great lesson. Really loving these epic learning and reflection sessions!

  • Each video is better than the last!!!!! How does one know for sure what their capabilities are??

  • Brian this is Fantastic – I literally turn on my tv every day soul~ely to watch your video's! full of gratitude so much so I feel like I owe you something! 😀
    The Value & Practical Wisdom you share is IN~VALUABLE, lost for words tbh… 😀
    Ps would you say you are an Enneagram type 5? (expressing himself as a super healthy 8!)

  • Beautifully expressed as always. Thank you for being what you must! <3 x

  • Mighty stuff Brian! Thanks!

  • Nice video! Liked that one about the highs and the lows!(i even scetch a diagramm to my own highs and lows hahaha) Thanks a lot Brian!

  • wonderful video. So concise and inspiring. Thank you

  • id,ego, superego.. well explained ..i learned it today .. thanks brian

  • Thank you so much. I am just about to start reading this book. After watching your notes, I feel like I have already read the book. You are very concise and professional. Keep up the good work.

  • i cant wait for the book to arrive i also bough the psychology of being and
    The Psychology of Man's Possible Evolution to seriously start my journey

  • Thank you so much for this video. If I pass my Psychology exam, it will be because of you. You have an amazing way of explaining things by the way. I did not feel like I was studying for an exam even for a second and I took so many lessons back from this video. 🙂

  • What was the Greek word you mentioned?? Thank you for your video!!

  • Rock on homie. This video along with my favorite lunch made my day. (Too bad modern healthcare don't see it this way; although times are changing thanks to Martin Seligman et al.)

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