Philip Zimbardo: The psychology of time

Philip Zimbardo: The psychology of time Psychologist Philip Zimbardo says happiness and success are rooted in a trait most of us disregard: the way we orient toward the past, present and future. He suggests we calibrate our outlook on time as a first step to improving our lives.

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  • He's 76! Omygod!

  • Enjoy life while you can. None of us are getting out of here alive!

  • if his research is to be believed, you got about 5 on your SATs.

  • Hey boy arms, we dont all do SATs. I think your clearly passed oriented. Like a proper royal cock smoker? Hope you get well soon xxx

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  • Phillip. A Legend.

  • I would disagree, if you were saying that present-hedonism should be the leading trait in the life of an individual. In my experience present-hedonism is most likely to get you in to situations where you would rather not be. I would have to agree with the speaker that Balance is key no matter what. My personality would say that the Future should be observed where necessary, but that, yes, Present Hedonism, and Past Positive are as important as each other.

  • time time time

  • Wow, the crowd is dead.

  • This guy is just a hypnotist. He discovered some relevant points in his research, but the main purpose is to hypnotize people, this is why he is in constant battle with short times of broadcasting. He expects us to believe that the moral relativity and the lack of social awareness are natural coordinates of human civilization. And it is true, but from the perspective of the global elites. Nowadays there is just a social construct that decides the nature of the personal choices of humans.

  • woh he looks great for a 76 year old

  • I remember hearing about the marshmallow study back when I was in 5th grade

  • There's a longer one *Philip Zimbardo – The Secret Powers of Time

  • I control time and space with my cock.

  • Wow that was really good! I've never thought about it quite like that. Even just from these 7 minuets I understand myself ,and the way I think and do things, so much better!

  • But how do you change from throttle to coast. imagine a stairway ? A portal. List of society changing in a very positive way. It would be interesting to see how pandas and ants rely on memory and prediction.

  • Disliked: fucking GE ad

  • Ditto to comment below.

  • My 2nd grade teacher replicated the delayed gratification experiment. Out of an overpopulated inner city class of about 38 students, only three, myself and two girls waited until our work was done and we got twice as many sweets as the other students. They seemed confused and angry then and most still are now. I do have an optimal time perspective profile and the difference between my adult life and that of my former class mates is huge. Most had kids and skipped college and property. Not I.

  • very interesting!

  • Check out Phillip Zimbardo -The Secret powers of time

  • I think Philip under-estimates the present. We live in the present which is where the bulk of our life should exist. I think 70% present, 20% future and 10% past is closer to optimal. All positive of course.

  • if you want to read something really interesting then read about the extremely controversial experiment that Zimbardo led called the Stanford prison experiment

  • This is the full length lecture; Prof. Philip Zimbardo: „The Secret Power of Time…"

  • Great work thanks……
    Im not crazy.

  • This was great, but I wish it was at least a half hour long.

  • What a talk!

  • Zimbardo is one of the best modern day psychologists

  • He wasted no time on his presentaiton

  • excellent presentation.

  • this felt extremely rushed, I'm guessing he wasn't given enough time to do the talk, but he still wanted it to contain everything. But there were some really powerful thoughts in there!

  • 5:59…curing vets PTSD with time metaphors… many troubles could be understood by understanding your time perspective and that others…

  • Amazing speech

  • Soooo amazing.

  • And of course no research to back up 1 word he says. Just a pet theory that any Joe off the street would be ridiculed for had he given the same talk

  • What if the kid wasn't all that into eating a bunch of marshmallows? If they just wanted one it could be more logical to not wait.

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