Personality Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #34

Personality Disorders: Crash Course Psychology #34

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What exactly are Personality Disorders? How can they be diagnosed? Can we prevent some of them? In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank gives us the down low on things like Ego-Dystonic and Ego-Syntonic Disorders, Borderline and Antisocial Personality Disorders, and Potential Biological, Psychological, and Social Roots of these disorders.

Table of Contents:

Personality Disorders 02:04
Ego-Dystonic vs. Ego Syntonic Disorders 00:44
Three Clusters of Personality Disorders 02:23
Overlapping Personality Disorders 03:35
Borderline and Antisocial Personality Disorders 04:31
Bio-Psycho-Social Roots 06:54

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October 14, 2014 / 41 Comments / by / in
  • Oh my word, Psychology is verby interesting. I actually feels that I have to take a breath for this guy!!

  • psycho and sociopath or not all serial killers you're absolutely wrong there

  • This guy sounds like my Language Arts teacher this year, atleast he doesn't explain staplers as "KA-CHUNK"

  • It's interesting (and also scary) to witness Donald Trump display so many symptoms of personality disorder on a daily basis.

  • Intelligent, accurate and up to date information, but a little too rapid paced, trying to cram a lot into a small time period. Best for ADD sufferers and children.

  • How annoying! Great video but my head hurts listening to this man

  • Reminds me of characters who play salesmen from 1950's movies. if you talk load enough and fast enough and use lots of words, you are bound to sell something.

    I stopped watching and listening at 2:16.

    Bye bye

  • who is the lady depicted in 2:58?

  • Im starting to think us furries are a personailty disorder

  • As someone with BPD, I'd say its inaccurate that I don't realise I have a disorder and aren't distressed by it. It takes a massive toll and my mood and emotional well-being, and I'm fully aware that my behaviour is abnormal- the thing is, I'd say I can use it to benefit me, whereas others may see that as manipulation. That's the only time where someone else may think I have a problem, but I don't. Aside from that I'm pretty clear in my mind that suicidal thoughts, self harm and explosive rage isn't normal or healthy

  • He doesn't mention DBT therapy and how Marsha Linehan has changed the way BPD can be treated and managed. That is so important when discussing BPD

  • slow down, dude!

  • Totally unrelated but HOI I'm temmie

  • I saw that Sims reference in the beginning omg

  • Can someone remake this video talking like more comfortable speed? I suffer hearing the way that the actor here is taking

  • What personality disorder I am empath but have a strong desire for revenge

  • Um, this is really stigmatizing to PD's. Not all cluster B's are Miley Cyrus, gtfo of here with that (though maybe she's histrionic but look at how she was brought up…cause and effect.) Every person I know who was dx'd cluster B was being treated for a mood disorder for a while, just wasn't aware of the PD until it was pointed out. So yea, many realize it's an issue. Speaking specifically of cluster B.
    Then again, unacknowledged PD's are scary (I've armchair diagnosed a few family members, oops) but they just need help. Sick of cluster B hate, we aren't psychopaths or monsters. We feel too much and have to take years to undo the shitty coping strategies we developed over the years to deal with bigger emotions. We constantly have to be proactive and unlearn ego. With commitment to coping skills, DBT and other therapies for many IT GETS BETTER. I admittedly couldn't make it through this video.

  • There is no crash course that does this illness justice!

  • my family and friends think i have boderline personality disorder. i dont think i have somethint that bad but i kinda relate to it
    im trying to learn about it and i dont think theres a problem? im not that sick hahaha

  • I have BPD. I lit my cat on fire but its ok, as I hae BPD

  • I have panic attacks caused by violence in my family. One of my first memories is my father almost killing my mother, and it never got better in years. I recognize the avoidant part in me, I do whatever is needed to avoid that painful attack to come back, even to the point of not doing anything at all

  • 6:04 Sherlock Holmes

  • I don't know what to think. When's classified as normal? Is every little divination in ones personality means they have a mental illness or condition? Soon we're all going to be mentally ill and need medicine.

  • What about dissociative disorder?

  • Heisenberg

  • 👍

  • Can you please do a video explaining the case study on Eve white by Thigpen and Cleckley?

  • I love your videos but it goes a bit too fast. Great info though! 🙂


  • quantify and qualify

  • How did you all manage to get Miley Cyrus to come in for the Thought Bubble bit? Wait… what? That was a caricature? You mean, like, a cartoon?! Oh, Miley. What happened?

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  • 4:50 "nah"
    4:56 looks at my wrist "now wait a minute"
    i'm no psycho, i just like the feel of bleeding so i cut. idk what basic psychological needs that correlates with but i don't think it's a fair assessment of why people, like myself, do certain things. it's not really attention seeking, just therapeutic

  • Is there a real online test for disorders I can take for fun

  • May I suggest that you speak slower in your next videos? coz normally average people needs to catch up properly what you said to grasp whatever lessons you're delivering here….. 🙁 Please, great content but the way you present it needs to be polish..

  • You didn't even talk about most of them, had incorrect definitions, and offer absolutely no credit to counter arguments. Click bait and dumb

  • I relate to all of these…

  • I have avoidant personality disorder and the people who fake personality disorders just because it's trendy disgust me so much. My life is a living hell. I wish emo and scene kids stayed just whining about how depressed they were instead of claiming they "totally have BPD im a psychopath XD". It hurts people who actually do have it by making people in real mental health crises be taken less seriously. Note I am not talking about those who self diagnose with a real basis and aren't doing it to seem cool, and are doing it so they can seek help in the future.

  • I know what's 100% effective at stopping antisocials: bayonets.

  • WOW the first 22 seconds sound like my dad

  • Can i just say these animation are really cute, don't know why.

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