Personal Trainer Psychology – Client Psychology 101

Personal Trainer Psychology – Client Psychology 101

How to become a Personal Fitness Trainer DETAILED info on personal training tips and client psychology. Schools are popping up all over the place, but while they give you a lot of practical advice, they tend to lack on the psychological aspect of being a trainer. Watch this video to learn how to get clients the right way, keep them, and love your job.

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  • Great video from someone's who is working on my first cert and looking for knowledge in any facet. Thank you sir

  • This is so helpful, I'm glad I came across your channel man. I'm just starting-out as a pt and advice like this makes all the difference and goes a long way. I heard a lot of personal trainers give up after struggling to gain enough clientèle. It's no wonder with trainers like Nkosana Mala's. It's brilliant to see fitness professionals who know what they are talking about. You've made great points, thanks.

  • Sir Jonathan I have a degree of BS psych and I am also a former amateur athlete which is why fitness is always close to my heart.and with your video i increased my confidence that the profession I pursue is PT is right for me,because I always  have  a dilemma that with my degree it is not inclined on PT(and should do office stuff) however, with your video my passion on fitness level up & realized Im on the right path of my career . Im hoping that I'll be successful on it in the long run. .  thank you  Sir JOnathan!!!!

  • Hey Jonathan, 
    Thanks a ton for coming out with this video. My girl and I are planning to be PT's and your channel looks like a perfect fit for what we need! Looking forward to learn more! 
    Keep up the great work!

  • Really helpful tips! Thanks

  • keep it up mate good informative video , thanks for the insight !

  • I found this very helpful. Thank you 🙂

  • finally took the leap and purchased your Dumbbell to Dollars course! excitted to get my little town healthy and happy

  • Excellent stuff bro. I will recommend this channel to others. Keep up the great work…

  • Good information ty I'm just starting out so any knowledge is good knowledge.

  • psychology 101 102 and a few other to understand the mental aspects of clients. I believe everything 1000% and learned some new tricks.
    thank you for the free video and do you have material for sale.?

  • I am certified. But always room to learn more.

  • Very informative thanks



  • Some really good advice here. Thanks.

  • thank u very much u r very helpful..

  • thank you for sharing your knowledge.

  • hey just loved, i´ve been looking at your videos and its been amazing all the things i´ve learn. My man God bless u and shearing all this info with the world. You have a big big big fan in the Dominican Rep. 🙂 take care

  • Great info, thank you!

  • Very informative. I had some questions that maybe you can answer. Thanks.

  • So accurate.

  • This is gold, thank you so much..i feel a lot more prepared becoming a P/T and entering a gym.

  • This helps out a lot thank you for your knowledge!

  • You're the man! Thanks 🙂

  • Well said! Your videos are great and give me knowledge and confidence on my path to becoming a p/t! Thanks for the time and effort you put in your videos!

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