Persona 5: The Psychology Behind the Tarot’s Archetypes (Part Two)

Persona 5: The Psychology Behind the Tarot’s Archetypes (Part Two)

I explore the psychology behind the tarot’s archetypes in Persona 5. This is part 2, in which I explore the Empress, the Emperor, and the Hierophant. Happy Halloween Month!

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  • OHHHH ITERESTING I didn't know what the hyrophant (is that how you spell it) meant for coffe dads character until now, great job as always!

  • Well, I may not be first, but I AM the 5th to comment!

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    RIP life purpose

  • I honestly really enjoy this series and it deserves more views. Thanks for doing this btw~

  • I’d like to add also some stuff that I looked up:
    Haru acts as a contrast to Mitsuru Kirijo from Persona 3. Both have a Persona of the Empress Arcana, come from rich families, are a year older than the protagonist, were put into an arranged marriage and lose their fathers throughout the game. However:
    Mitsuru is very professional, outspoken to the point of brutal honesty and addresses most of the group by their last names. Haru, on the other hand, is very shy, much more friendly and prefers first-name basis with affectionate honorifics.
    Mitsuru discourages silly behavior, while Haru embraces it.
    Mitsuru engages in athletic abilities (fencing), while there is no evidence Haru is athletic.
    Mitsuru's father gives her her own space, free will, and allows her to do almost anything she wants, while Haru's father is controlling and expects her to act however he wishes her to.
    Mitsuru was the first member to join SEES, while Haru is the last (permanent) member to join the Phantom Thieves of Hearts.
    Mitsuru is extremely loyal to her father and first created SEES to protect him, while Haru opposes her father and joins the Phantom Thieves of Hearts to reform him.
    Mitsuru is resigned to (albeit not perfectly happy) with her marriage and actually seems to go through with it (if the player doesn't do her Social Link), while Haru is immediately desperate to get out of hers.
    Mitsuru's marriage has no relevance to the story, while Haru's is the reason she joins the Thieves.
    Finally and amusingly, Mitsuru can’t handle horror stuff while Haru actually enjoys it

    Often times, the Emperor character is troubled by something very personal, and doesn't know how to deal with it.

    Characters of the Hierophant Arcana are often older than the protagonist, and are typically quite wise and logical. The most common connection between Hierophant characters, however, is their association (and obsession) with the past. 😛

  • Next up , Build a wall, dab, how do you eat this burger tarot.

  • Hmmmm interesting

  • The audio is considerably louder in this video compared to part one of the tarot archetypes

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