Persona 5: The Psychology Behind the Tarot’s Archetypes (Part One)

Persona 5: The Psychology Behind the Tarot’s Archetypes (Part One)

I explore the psychology behind the tarot’s archetypes in Persona 5! I loved the tarot well before I played Persona, and I’m excited to share my knowledge of this with you! Given that October month is Halloween month, and Halloween is said to be derivative of Samhain, the tarot seemed fitting!

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  • Your first

  • Just throwing it out there but it would be great to keep going backwards in the Persona psychology series all the way until persona 1 ❤

  • Great video as always ^^

    Honestly it just made me realise one of the things I love about Persona: the series is basically as deep as you want it to be.

    Everything in this series is incredibly subtle, deep, and well-thought out. From the motifs and symbolism to characters and their psychology, nothing is without reason in Persona. But you don't need to be well-versed in all obscure bits of Jungian psychology to be able to enjoy analysing it or the characters if that's what you like to do.

    I write a lot, so I love analysing characters and their psychology, but I don't have a degree or any sort of formal background in it, so I can't tell you about how the characters connect to any sorts of disorders and such. But I can tell you how and why they react to situations the way they do, based on their history (along with a dash of headcanon) and how all of it ties into their Arcana. I look at the Arcana more through the symbolic meanings people use when they use the deck rather than Jungian psychology because of my lack of formal knowledge in it.

    It's fun to be able to analyse the characters on a level you understand while people can do it on an entirely different level, based on what each of you understand about psychology and human behavior as well as from different perspectives. ^^

  • Oh…

    So Makoto is more of a masculine name?

    Damnit, because of that I thought that Makoto Naegi (from Danganronpa (a game series which I don't particularly like, please don't hate me)), had a strange name for a boy, but it was actually the other way around

  • w-woah im really impressed that you actually did it !! its kind of you to listend to the comments!!

  • jung had a intrest in tarot cards and okkult as well with of course psychology .just like you seem to have! haha its just genius to connect such pure opposite things . . .!

  • i have to admit . . i bought myselve tarot cards because or persona . and its quite intresting to see all these connections

  • im alredy exiedet for the next part!! oh . . and i realy feel like i should help more . . so . .i can translate german stuff if you want to . . . . . . .but im not sure if it helps in any way . .so . .i just wanted to make the offer . ..even it its kinda pointless . .haha . .sorry


  • OOooh this sounds promising.
    Will definitely look forward to these.

  • Great video as always. Keep it up.

  • TAROT!!!!YESSSSS!!! I love these kind of videos!!! These videos are so great I can't wait to see the next one!!! Great job as always

  • Keep it up LolaLink! I'm really excited to see where this journey of psychology takes us. 🙂

  • Too bad theres no tarot about pancakes. Would be'll nice.

  • I have always seen Futaba and Morgana as opposites considering that she takes over some of Morgana's role in the Phantom Thieves and Ryuji is all like "She's way more useful than you, get over it."

  • I’d like to add also some stuff that I looked up:

    Protagonists possessing the Fool Arcana always have a party member who is secretly jealous of their special abilities, specifically Junpei Iori ( Makoto Yuki or Minako Arisato of Persona 3), Yukari Takeba (Aigis in P3 The Answer ), Yosuke Hanamura (Yu Narukami of P4), and Goro Akechi (Akira Kurusu of P5).

    Also an ongoing theme that is related to all Magician Arcana Social Links is the tragedy that befalls the social link character related to their romantic interest. P3: Junpei’s romantic interest Chidori dies when she sacrifices her life to save his life and Kenji is devastated to learn that the woman he is interested in already has a fiancé and is about to be married, P4: Yosuke’s romantic interest Saki dies a tragic death at the hands of the murderer and the final revelation is that she never loved him and found him to be annoying. P5: Morgana’s interest falls moreover for the need to belong somewhere masquerading it with a "I'm just using you" facade, however, he develops a crush on Ann Takamaki, often referring to her as 'Lady Ann'. Throughout the game and Day Breakers, he displays a crush on her, which he gained upon seeing her cognitive self in Kamoshida's Palace. However, his affections and special treatment are never taken seriously by her.

    A recurring theme with Priestess characters is that they have an inferiority complex due to growing under highly exigent family members, as is the case with P3: Fuuka Yamagishi, P4: Yukiko Amagi and P5: Makoto Niijima. 😛

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