Persona 5: The Psychology Behind Sae’s Corruption

Persona 5: The Psychology Behind Sae’s Corruption

I explore the psychology behind Sae’s corruption. Sae Niijima is one of my favourite characters in Persona 5, and her motives behind her actions strike me as particularly well-written.

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  • Your first

  • I don’t know if you have the next video planned yet or not, but a suggestion I have is princess Zelda. I think it would be nice to see the psychology of a damsel in distress who changes her identity to be more useful. Almost a perfection of Peach and Samus.

  • Was Sae that corrupt? I was really surprised that Sae had a palace. I mean, she was desperate, and played with brinkmanship, but we never really see her do anything bad… except resist the Phantom Thieves. Given that they're sort of mind-rapists (but only to bad guys) and fraudsters (pilfering figments of peoples' imagination to sell in the real world), she's not really wrong.

    The worst we see her do is bully Sojiro because she has a hunch (proven right) that he harbours criminals. She is totally right about Makoto as a burden that doesn't understand what an expenditure she is because that's exactly what adolescents are. How much worse must that burden be when that adolescent wsn't even your choice?

    For all we know, the things in her palace were locked away in her heart that had no evidence of manifesting outside her head. The PTs only explore it because Pancake-murderer forces them to with entrapment. If anything I thought Akechi seemed the higher candidate for the sin of envy.

  • I love your videos,continue with your amazing job
    (Sorry for the bad english, i'm still learning)

  • i'm really enjoy your analysis

  • I would date sae over makoto 100% fight me.
    This video honestly is now one of my favorites of yours I never really understood sae till now, this video was great!!!

  • I see that Berseria reference! Is this a sign? Lol.

  • Yet another video! Your videos make me hungry…. Maybe I should go for some pancakes…🤔
    But at the topic of hand… I agree with you 10/10 that Sae is my girl over Makoto. I wonder what changes will happen in Crimson version and how Atlus is going to get us to get with Sae.

  • 0:140:18
    Word 👏👏👏
    I would love to date saè tbh

  • I think another reason Sae's Palace is a casino is that Sae has distorted desires and temptations to let go of all of her responsibilities; seeing as that with her father's death and her subsequently taking legal guardianship of Makoto, Sae was forced to give up her youth and become an adult, completing Law School as quickly as possible and getting a job as a prosecutor so as to provide for herself and Makoto. She has no joy in her life, constantly working at the expense of not making any time for herself to have fun or make friends, made even worse by the fact that her job is very male-dominated so she has to put a lot of effort into her work to avoid being undermined. In short, she is very stressed and just wants to relax.

  • IMO the reason Sae's palace is a casino is twofold – from one point of view Sae's situation and psychology which you handled excellent, but also from social grounds. Persona series is known to portray many good things about Japan, but also their problems and pathologies – Futaba was a hikikomori which is an increasing problem in Japan, Adachi joined police not, or initially not only, to be just but also to be legally able go have a gun (unfortunately severe gun control had the effect of many nutheads joining JDF or police just for guns which in other country they'll probably legally acquire and play around on the range) and here we have Sae. Japan has a bit different mentality than the west – we operate on guilt mentality, when we do something bad we feel bad but being innocent while seen as guilty can not only make us feel bad but give determination to prove our innocence, while Japan operates under shame mentality which makes them considering matters of guilt differently but also to evade losing at any cost – from which japanese jurisdiction problems arise and, IMO, Atlus attemted to show that. In Japan not solving the case or bringing an innocent person to the court is considered as the loss of the state and therefore Japan has one of the biggest, if not the biggest, punished accused/court trial ratio in all the world, literally being over 99% – many crimes ended with suicide (even murder) can be described in their papers not as a crime but as a suicide, judges can be stopped from professional promotions and in some case dismissed while deeming the suspect innocent and, from what was mentioned in the game, prosecutors can be fired if case is not solved or suspect is deemed innocent, police often forge evidence or find a scapegoat, everything to "solve" the case and punish the "culprit" – that's why palacw is specifically a stacked casino, due to gaming habits casino can't cheat against the owner so Sae is the one cheating and representing odds being stacked against Her could be represented in a better way, the thing is that casino was supposed to be representing both how odds of the situation are stacked against Sae but also how japanese jurisdiction, which Sae is a part of, thus she's the owner, is stacked against the suspect for the sake of the state – that's why Sae thinks she can't lose, it's not only that she can lose her career but also that she has the upper hand as the representative of the state.

  • Makoto Nijima is best girl around your age and Tae Takemi is best older girl but if Sae Nijima wass romance able in game she would take Tae`s place easily mainly for


    Her Ability you unlock for Maxing out her confidant is "True Justice" which description is "?????????????????" which is Great in my opinion one of my favorite small details in game.

  • honestly I'd love to see you rant about your thoughts on the romance options in the game. You mentioned in one about being frustrated over the lack of non-heterosexual choices, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on the aspects of all the established ones as well as the potentials for others.

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