Perceiving is Believing – Crash Course Psychology #7

Perceiving is Believing – Crash Course Psychology #7

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So what does perception even mean? What’s the difference between seeing something and making sense of it? In today’s episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank gives us some insight into the differences between sensing and perceiving.

Table of Contents
Perceptual Set 01:53:15
Form Perception 03:44:17
Visual Cues 06:08:08
Depth Perception 05:39:12

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March 17, 2014 / 30 Comments / by / in
  • can you guys make a season two? finals are coming and I need to pass

  • At 1:00 I was thinking omg something is wrong with his face his nose is so weird! And the nose was the only normal part 😂

  • Duck? Bunny?? I saw a sea gull and then a platypus… Lol… I'm weird! ;D

  • stop being a noob!..


  • yall need some chapstick

  • These videos are helping me get threw my psych class thank u very much.

    the opening to this video might just be my new favorite quote!!!!

  • I saw a seagull…

  • Honey what you see, isn't always the truth.


  • BOB ROSS!!!

  • Ahh Bob Ross! My hero!

  • perception diferentes color distancia etc

  • Our brains do so many amazing things for us

  • if i stare at a humans face to long, it starts to morph into a scary monster. anyone else?

  • when you said to look at the bird, i did see both a bird and the bunny, and i knew you were going to say it was also a bunny. then you did. yay!

  • Professor Frink as a young man.

  • I saw a dolphin LOL

  • Awesome!

  • Fidget spinners @5:25

  • it's clearly two faces against a vase

  • Those tables were not the same size, and that's nothing to do with the mind. Just stop the video and use your fingers no way!!! The layover stretches as it goes on top of the other table

  • I love crash course, Need a Ted-Talk

  • Ducks are good, rabbits are bad.

  • table fable

    This is great background noise to the voices in my head 🙂

  • 7:54 thats what she said

  • Can u talker slower? Its impossible to follow u or take in the concepts bc of how fast you speak. Also u put definitions on the screen and then take them away so rapidly it is scientifically impossible to read the whole thing before it's gone

  • I love it how the script writers and @HankGreen beautifully explain the concepts, in a simple yet informative manner!
    I had noticed the points in form perception before but never quite grasped them.
    And kudos to @ThoughtCafe for this awesome animation!

    Ps. When are you making Psychology series 2?


  • 2:02 you've been mind f#%&ed

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