Paul Bloom: The Psychology of Everything

Paul Bloom: The Psychology of Everything

The Psychology of Everything: What Compassion, Racism, and Sex tell us about Human Nature 

Paul Bloom, Brooks and Suzanne Ragen Professor of Psychology, Yale University

Give Paul Bloom one hour, and he’ll teach you “the psychology of everything,” illustrating some of the most fundamental elements of human nature through case studies about compassion, racism, and sex. He discusses some of the biggest questions in the nature versus nurture debate, including “Are we hard-wired to care about others?” Bloom points out why stereotyping can be both detrimental and beneficial, and he even explains what the porn preference of monkeys tells us about our own sexual choosiness, or lack thereof. After the hour is up you’ll understand why Bloom calls psychology, because of its cross-disciplinary nature, “the perfect liberal arts major.”

The Floating University
Originally released September 2011.

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  • What is the relation between psychology and technology ?

  • Justin Beiber was the example for attractive?! Pfffft, hhahahahahahaahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

  • The problem with discussing many psychology theories is that sometimes you are right and sometimes you are wrong, but you will never know which times you are right and which times you are wrong. We are mostly strangers to ourselves and are consistently in the darkness about why we do the things we do, we just have unexplainable and unconscious urges and act on them. We dont really know why we help people, we dont know if we truely have free will. I can be narrow minded and give my opinion on these matters, but i'd be a fool to accept any of them.

  • I don't correlate much with disgust, it's really hard to disgust me. But I get an urge everytime I see a rich person (super rich, billionaires and up) to bludgeon them to death. I think it correlates more with the fact that I see the wealthy as torturers. As I'm disgusted with the overwhelming inequality in today's society

  • those sound effects need to go. Didn't we learn from the early days of Power Point that unnecessary sounds and animations can hurt a good presentation?

  • 29:00 why do we think the black people are more likely to be recommended?

  • I am a big fan of Professor Paul and very grateful for all his lectures
    Can you please allow the subtitle feature because i am very interested in translating it so that more people can benefit

  • is there a transcript of this on the web somewhere ?

  • Did anyone think about whats the big idea that might capture something important about the field of psychology? Answers please !

  • it's 2017 now. If you are white and you are not disgusted by your own race – you are racist/nazi/xenophobic/bigot etc. Just deplorable… Praise Kek : )

  • Says he believes we have an instant moral compass, but all the examples he displays show children that are not newborn. Isn't it obvious then that this is a learned trait from the parents? Babies learn very quickly. I'd like to see more concrete data on if they're compassionate from birth. Obviously I believe they are not. There have been situations of children who have never been shown this information, and end up growing up without the ability to understand compassion. The data shows this. Everything we do is learned information besides the most basic of things such as consumption of food. Even then I wonder. Some of the cases of neglected children showed they couldn't even understand pain.

  • Great talk, lots of insight – but enough of the gay stuff…..

    Personally speaking – I do not care what two or more consenting adults do, but I do not need to have it waived in my face every time I try to do something. Not everything needs to be sexual.

    Again, great talk.

  • @11:24 LOL

  • This video was very helpful and easy to understand. Great work!

  • Shakespeare's stereotype is accurate to this day…

  • You know the old Polish proverb, right? "The Jew Cries Out in Pain as He Strikes You." Jews (like crypto jew Paul Bloom, – Jewish family in Montreal, Quebec) are constantly telling us how it is bad to have stereotypes against them…of course, they mix in other races and groups (gays, etc.) to make it seem like they are not just talking about themselves. The fact is Jews have a massive victim mentality and it seems they are almost genetically inclined to express it. They sweeten the story with other random bullshit but the final message is always…"all you people are so evil towards us jews." They of course capitalize on this in MANY ways…they use it in order to get a sort of victim derived sense of entitlement. It's pretty amazing how they can rationalize exploiting the entire human race. Regular, good Jews (like me!)…you know who you are…better speak up against the elitist Jews in this world instead of being quiet and hoping to secretly benefit.

  • this guy is the best communicator that I have ever seen and heard in the domain of psychology. excellent beyond measure.

  • I'm so happy I'm not a liberal so I'm not at war with myself.

  • Who is more american? The white guy or the black guy? Really?? Based on appearances we should decide? That is ignorant.

  • Really liked this video, very informative

  • is there a way to cure lgbt?

  • @29:30

    My favorite part is when he's explaining unconscious biases, and they proceed to use a didgeridoo sound effect for the representation of negative unconscious biases…

    Right after explaining a study about issues of unconscious biases against a black person.

    10/10 editing team.

    You made something linked to me in my uni lectures funny for the wrong reason

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