Olympics 2012: Michael Phelps has mastered the psychology of speed

Olympics 2012: Michael Phelps has mastered the psychology of speed

In the water, Michael Phelps is a force to be reckoned with. But his dominance in the pool isn’t just a physical attribute. Phelps’s exacting mental standards and preparation propel him beyond other swimmers. Learn more: http://wapo.st/LS2Z8o


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  • Mr. Michael

  • phelps' coach looks like the fat version of steve jobs 😛 just sayingg

  • they are all the godness

  • I'll name my son michael see what he comes up with

  • Michael Gerard "Mike" Tyson: greatest boxer !!

  • Or could it possibly be because "Michael" is one of the most common first names so the ones who are born talented like you mentioned just have a higher probability of being named Michael?


  • Michael Johnson: held the 200m world record for 12 years, still world record holder for 400m in track and field

  • name de songgg?? soundtrack

  • I thing Michael Phelps

  • living legend…

  • michael svepps

  • Michael has retired ftom the pool now, but his legacy, recored, medals, and classy sportsmanship speak for themselves in his absence.


  • Son of POSEIDON, teach me please, you're an addict..

  • did he say joke or choke at 2:35?

  • michael johnson, the 200-400 sprinter and world record holder

  • choke

  • Or maybe it's just a common name?

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  • it derives from the greek word "micha" meaning "the greatest", and "el" meaning "all".

  • Calling somebody the son of a god (the god of the sea to be exact)… ouh yeah. I'm sure he'll be pissed about that -.-

  • 8 olympic gold medalist, beat Ian thorpe AKA: Thorpedo, beat Mark Spits World record of 7 gold medals and being the best swimmer on the planet

  • bob bowman pretty awesome coach

  • i mean, he's a professional olympic swimmer

  • Michael Phelps, Poseidon much?

  • Phelps is willing to do the workouts and not feel intimidated doing Bowman's workouts because he is mentally ready at all times.

  • Three lessons learned are that 1. I need to be super good at setting goals 2. visualize how I can reach the goal 3. put into practice to meet the daily goals 

  • Boyman postarel starina, ga I felps NE mold…

  • مايكل فيلبس اسطورة لا تتكرر

  • What is the music track?

  • 1:36 And a good thing, too. 6 weeks later his goggles filled with water during his 200 fly and he swam it blind. Still won gold and broke the world record.

  • 0:340:36 what is he saying there?

  • I kinda call Michael Phelps the Michael Jordan of swimming. A swimmer that can't do wrong and does just about everything the best.

  • So basically you gotta be CEO of your own swimming.

  • Michael Phelps the king of Steroids just like Armstrong

  • hey Michael, look at here in France

  • why is this guy such a god at everything in life??

  • ź

  • Michael Phelps is doing the determination theory, where if you believe you are OP hard enough, you ACTUALLY become op

  • Steroids steroids steroids!

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